It is very well known that you must not nail polish your finger nails very often, because you are going to damage them. They will begin to dry out, be dehydrated and at in the last stage they will become yellow.

Also, the nail polish can make huge harm to our health, especially certain cosmetics.

You shouldn’t leave immediately the nail polish, but, we want to present you the effects and the negative influence on our body.
The negative effects are the toxins.

In addition, we are going to present you some substances that are dangerous.

Toluene– is a toxin which will make the nail polisher so soft and shiny. The negative effect is on the nervous system and will make some reproductive disorders. The symptoms are  headaches, weakness, fainting, nausea etc.

Formaldehyde– this is a gas which is colorless,  but it helps the nail polisher to last longer.
This chemical is dangerous in case you struggle with allergies, it will cause dermatitis, and some chemical burns.

Dibutyl Phthalate– we use it as a fragrance, but it is consisted of ingredients which can cause some endocrine disorders, gynecological diseases and also some kind of respiratory issues.

A survey was made. It was consisted of 24 participants, with increased levels of usage of diphenyl phosphate.

Only 10 hours after the survey, the levels of the chemical in the body had risen to 7 times more than the normal. The results are very scary.

In order to distinguish the nail polish which is dangerous and which is not, we will present you some hacks.

5- free: when you see this mark on the label, that means that this product doesn’t contain formaldehyde. It is a derivation, toluene, dibutyl phthalates.

3-Free: in case you see this on the label, it means that the nail polish doesn’t contain 3 of the harmful ingredients: formaldehyde, dibtyl phthalate and toluene.
So, next time when you will buy nail polish think a little bit of the ingredients and chemicals.