The condition we are going to talk about are Psyche and Soma.
Those are situations which people know them under the name psychosomatic which stands for mind and body connection.


It is from high importance if any severe physical symptoms must be checked by a licensed medical persona.
In case there Is possibility to develop a disease, or the disease is already developer, then, it will probably exist some kind of virtual psychological pain.

So it is scientifically proved that physical and psychological health are influencing each other.
The alternative medicine this influence called psychosomatic effect.

It is under the science psychiatry and tends to be board-certificated.
The best of the best physicians are board-certificated which means that they have knowledge in 24 divergent medical fields.

So, the scientists claim that pain can be caused also by our mental state.
The surveys resulted in both mental and physical pain will affect the same zones of the brain.

The zone is called the anterior insula and the anterior cingulate cortex.

Also It is clearly established that there is some kind of link between the body and the mind.

In addition to this post we are going to present you 10 different kinds of pain which a directly caused by your emotional state.

1. Back Pain
The zones of back pain are directly connected with the part of the brain which rules the emotions.
Chiropractors, osteopaths and many more can be caused from stress and anxiety.

2. Headaches and migraines
These are the most common results from mental activity. Stress, emotional stress are the most common causes of migraine. Also, as causers are anger, anxiety, sadness and depression.

You need to relax yourself, and meditate, and do everything which will make you stressed.

3. Neck pain
River of emotions, to be precisely, negative emotions will cause you neck pain. And that is the most common sign of stress.

4. Shoulder pain
This sign is proved by the kinesiologists, that when you have shoulder pain, then you have experienced some negative energy. That is from the pressure that you are giving to the organism.

5. Stomach aches and cramps
Stomach aches can be caused based on nervosa, worries, fears anxieties. The chronic stress is the main causer of stomach ulcers.

6. Elbow pain and stiffness
It was proved that the elbow does not show any difference in the factor of causing pain.
Arthritis is reason for pain stiffness. Anxiety and depression cause pain all over the body, and elbows are not exclusion.

7. Pain in hands
The same as in was with elbows it is with the hands. The pain in the hands can be caused by isolation and confinement.

8. Hip pain
In case you struggle with hip pain, it may be result from too much stress, which is resulted in hip pain.

9. Knee pain
Knee pain also can be result of negative emotions. You need to try to relax, and do not spread negate vibes to your body. Knee pain shows as a result of too much anxiety, stress, fear, depression.

10. Foot pain
The podiatrists explain that the link between the emotions and the body, is very powerful. So, whatever you struggle within your mind, it will result on your body as a pain in certain parts. Foot is one of them.

You need to relax and take everything easy. You can meditate, learn how to control your breathing.