In case you struggle with white tongue that means probably that you are dehydrated. So, whenever you have this condition you need to drink water more than usual in order to get back your ordinary tongue color.

Furthermore, when you brush your teeth, on a daily basis, you need to brush your tongue too. So you will eliminate the poison from the tongue and drink water.
When you are going to brush your tongue, the mouth will stay fresh and clear longer part of the day.

With this habit you will protect your mouth from cavities, plaque and gum disease.
In the past, people could see what kind of disease they had, if they just see tongue,

If the tongue looks healthier than it is okay, if no, each difference will present us something.
Depending on which is the affected area of the tongue, people used cure for that organ.

The tip of the tongue:
This was affected area in case of respiratory irregularities. So if are the lungs, the indicator will be on the edges, and if it is in the middle front part it will be some kind of heart disease.
The middle part:
In case it is the liver, it will show on the left side of the tongue, if it is the pancreas on the right side, and if it is the stomach it will be in the middle.
Bottom of the tongue:
So if in the bottom of the tongue the edges are white, then you have problem with kidneys. The white Is a result of increased level of toxins in the kidneys.
Also it can be a symptom of gastritis, ulcers, duodenal ulcers.


In addition, of this article we are going to present you some solutions for cleaning the tongue from the white plaque.
1. Garlic
Garlic has the most powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. How much this ironical can sound, but with garlic you can eliminate the white. You need to eat the garlic raw if you can.
2. Aloe Vera
Properties that Aloe Vera has, are very good and highly beneficial. You can kill all the bacteria and germs in your mouth, and it will protect the gums. The only thing you should do is to take one tablespoon of aloe vera juice in the mouth, and move it in your mouth, at the end spit it out.
3. Salt
Salt for cleaning your mouth. Drown your toothbrush into salt, and rub with it on the tongue.
This is how you will eliminate the white
4. Turmeric
The biggest usage of turmeric reached for cleaning the mouth.
You can make a mixture from turmeric with juice from citrus and make a paste. With this you will scrub your tongue, until you eliminate the white. Then wash the mouth.
5. Toothbrush or scrub
You can rub on the tongue with your brush and you will eliminate the white. Just be careful, don’t make the tongue bleed from your hard and rude work.
6. Disinfecting mouthwash with herbs and salt
Herbs are the one of the best solution finders of all times.
You can make a mixture of sage, chamomile, mint, and add oak bark and 4 glasses of water, boiled. Leave it to cool and set. And then you can wash the mouth it will eliminate the white. Now you can wash the mouth.

In addition, we are going to present you what you can and what you can’t do in order to have a healthy life.

1. Don’t smoke
In case you are smoking, throw the cigarettes, because it will make you harm.
Most of the toxins which are making you the white of the tongue is from the cigarettes.
2. Don’t drink alcohol
It is allowed to drink only one glass of alcohol during the day. So in case you overreact you will have problems which bad breath, headaches and etc.
3. Drink more water
You need to drink more water in order to eliminate the toxins. Also, staying hydrated will cause toxins to get stacked on the tongue.
As a consequence of regularly drinking water you will have clear tongue.
4. Improve oral hygiene
You need to wash your mouth regularly 2 or three times a day. That is how you will stay clean and eliminate the bacteria stay in your mouth and cause you problems.