One of the best oils in the world is coconut oil.

It can be consumed for everything, also it has a lot of benefits.
Most of the surveys confirm the high benefits that we get from coconut oil.
In addition to this text we are going to present you that coconut has 101 benefits.

1. You can use coconut oil to remove make up before bedtime
2. You can make a mixture from coconut oi and sugar for body scrum paste
3. Mix with beeswax, and honey, vitamin E and coconut oil in order to make a lip balm.
4. Use it while you are taking a bath, and the skin will be perfectly soft.
5. Apply if on sunburn area, for new tattoos and burns.
6. You can use it for eliminating the acne scars.
7. Make a paste with sea salt, or salt and you can get your feet back in control.
8. You can save your cuticles with coconut oil. Use it as cream.
9. Avoid having stretch marks. You need to massage gently on the areas that you think may be critical.
10. You can use coconut oil as deodorant if you make paste with baby powder.
11. Apply on your hair, to be precisely on the scalp. For better quality.
12. The stains from hair color can be avoided in the area around your ears by only applying from the oi.
13. Apply on the blonde hair in order to lower the results of chlorinated pols.
14. You can use it for organic oil for fast tanning
15. Make a mixture from avocado and coconut oil in order to use it for brittle hair.
16. Apply on the legs as anti-bacterial shave and moisturizing.
17. Add coffee grounds to the coconut oil and apply it on your areas affected with cellulite in order to remove it.
18. Use it as hand cream for soft and flat hands.
19. Guys with beard can apply on it in order to keep it silky and soft. It will keep the hair together.
20. Apply on the skin after waxing, to prevent irritation of the skin.
21. Prevention from varicose veins
22. Make a mixture of sea salt, coconut oil and gel, add water and use it for damaged colored hair.
23. Make a mixture out of jojoba oil and coconut oil and fragrance essential oil, so you can use it as detangler.
24. Use it as a face mask mix with baking soda.
25. Apply on the eyebrows and eyelids to remove fine lines
26. Removing skin tags and cherry moles by applying on coconut oil and let it sit overnight.
27. Apply on the ends of the hair to repair the hair.
28. Make a paste with sugar for removing lip cuticles.

29. You can use coconut oil, instead of olive oil for salad dressing
30. Use coconut oil instead olive oil for baking
31. Use it as additive in the soups, for better flavor
32. Pour in your coffee instead of creamer for better taste and healthy coffee.
33. You can use it on the place of butter and shortening
34. Make the coconut oil a butter, and keep it for the vegans.
35. Melt the coconut oil and use it for making popcorn and toasts.
36. Use it instead of all oily substances in homemade desserts.
37. You can fry your food in coconut oil, Just don’t put it on a high heat, because the oil will burn.
38. Put coconut oil in the smoothies for better taste
39. You can make a homemade mayonnaise combining with yolks, apple cider vinegar and mustard with salt and pepper.
40. You can make a coconut bacon, with season coconut flakes

41. In case you struggle with nipple chafe from running, breastfeeding, you can make the issue smaller with coconut oil
42. It can eliminate chicken pox and shingles
43. Elimination of the spiders in the house, make a mixture from coconut oil, mint and rosemary essences.
44. Reduce psoriasis, eczema and dry skin
45. Natural lubricant
46. Mixture of coconut oil and oregano to heal sores, damaged lips or damaged skin
47. Hot water and coconut oil, perfect mixture for sore throat and relaxing the pipes.
48. Eliminates itching and burning of the skin after the bite.
49. Eliminates dandruff.
50. Helps to heal small burns and scrapes
51. Natural diaper cream is the best of all, coconut diaper cream.
52. You can make homemade natural toothpaste with peppermint, baking soda and Redmond clay
53. Apply on the toes to clean the foot.
54. Preventive for nose bleeding, apply in the nose.
55. In case you’ve got water in the ear from swimming, mix coconut oil and garlic, and put in the affected ear, 3 times per day.
56. Eliminates the toothache, in combination with clove oil.
57. Consuming 3 to 4 teaspoons of coconut oil for breastfeeding moms, will make their milk with higher quality.
58. It can be used as prevention from tooth decay. Keep it in the mouth due to the morning for 20 minutes.
59. If ginger tea has coconut oil inside, it will eliminate nausea and acid reflux.
60. Use it as massage oil
61. Coconut oil solves diarrhea and bloating
62. Reduces the signs of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
63. Apply on the skin for eliminating rashes
64. Use it for animals for curing injuries, add to their food.
65. After applying vinegar, rinse your scalp with coconut for eliminating lice
66. Use it for antifungal scrub
67. Consume coconut oil and the absorption of calcium and magnesium will be on higher level
68. Coconut oil balances the hormones
69. In case you’ve got yeast infections you can use coconut oil.
70. Eliminate itchy feet of the dogs
71. Use coconut oil for irritations
72. Make a mixture out of coconut oil and oregano as hand sanitizer

73. Coconut oi for cleaning and scrubbing the iron pan
74. Use it as lubricate the iron elements, key for example
75. You can use coconut oil for making your furniture shine
76. The leftovers from food in the oven can be erased with coconut oil
77. You can use it on your pet for gum health and shiny coat
78. Make a paste out of coconut oil and baking soda for Goo-gone
79. You can take the gum off your hair without pain
80. You can treat your plants
81. Repair wooden cutting boards, knife handles etc.
82. Eliminate the labels and prices from the cans that they are placed on
83. Take the ink off from the leather, bags and furniture
84. You can apply on the guitar strings
85. You can clean your car with coconut oil
86. Apply some coconut drops to the chain of your bike for better function
87. You can polish the furniture without chemicals, only with coconut oil and lemon juice
88. Take a cotton ball, apply some coconut oil and clean your shoes, you will protect them from damage. They will shine too.
89. You can oil your blades of the lawn mover, or other moving tools
90. Use a mixture of vegetable oil and coconut oil, so you can eliminate the grass on the places where you don’t want to be.
91. Getting rid of cockroaches with dilution of lemon and coconut oil.
92. Stopping the squeaking by applying some coconut oil on some fitness equipment
93. Removing the crayon from some places. Put some coconut oil on the spot, wait a couple to 10 minutes, and then rub the crayon
94. Apply coconut oil on the zipper for better function
95. During the snowy days, you can rub some oil on the satellite, it will prevent the snow to stay on it.
96. Be smarter than the squirrels, apply coconut oil on the places they usually climb.
97. Apply on the shower, so the scum won’t get thick, and will go away easily.
98. Coconut oil for preventing scratches on wooden floor.
99. With coconut oil you can eliminate the paint from your painting brushes.
100. You can make bug repelling candle diffuse. Make a mixture of coconut oil, beeswax and some essential oils.
101. Make yourself a body wash with coconut oil and honey and add your favorite soap. It will make your skin glow and silky.