We need to keep out bathroom clean.

There are a lot of bacteria which can harm our health in a serious way.
In some cases, people make errors when they are cleaning the bathroom, and that can harm us.
In addition, we will present you those mistakes that harm us, and you won’t repeat them again.

– Not washing your shower curtain liner
When we are cleaning the bathroom we should also clean the shower curtain liner.
In case you thought that it won’t multiply the bacteria, you have fooled yourself.
You can close the curtain when you are having a shower, so you will avoid mold.

– Cleaning only part of the toilet
Each and every part of the toilet has bacteria. Next time when you will clean the toilet, you need to clean it as a whole. Only that way you will avoid bacteria spreading. And you will keep it clean.

– Using paper towels
They are all wasteful, and they are not good at cleaning the bathroom. As a solution to this we suggest you to use microfiber towel, so you will eliminate the dirt and the dust, right after the process of disinfection.

– Holding onto bathroom accessories for too long
Some accessories need to be changed after certain period of time. For example, you can clean the toothbrush holders and shower racks, but loofahs and some toys for kids in the bathroom, need to be replaces.

– Just mopping the floor
You cannot mop only one part of the bathroom. You can mop the floor every day, but when you are cleaning deeply, you need to use the vacuum cleaner and collect the dust. Because as much as you have cleaned two or three days ago, the bacteria that has left still multiples. As a consequence to this, the following day you will have much more harmful substances than you have had the previous day.

– Not using your exhaust fan
You need to use the exhaust fan because it will keep you safe from the mold, and prevent layers of dust and bacteria.
In case you think that you don’t need this tool, you are fooling yourself.

– Never cleaning your hairbrush
You need to clean the hair brush after particular time of using. There are a lot of bacteria from hairsprays and other chemicals, that need to be eliminated, so your hair won’t be in touch with the harmful substances.

– Removing your cleaning products too quickly
After you will spray the chemicals for disinfection on the elements of your bathroom, give them some time to react. You shouldn’t wipe them immediately, because you didn’t give them time to disinfect the surface properly. Once the surface is disinfected you can clean it very well, with more repetitions. Working this way, you will be sure you have eliminated all the toxins and bacteria from the surface.
They need time to react and to do their job. Give them the time needed.

– Not using a squeegee
The squeegee advocate suggests cleaning the walls with this tool,right after every shower. You will avoid appearing of mold and mildew, also you will keep your walls in one piece without cracking.

– Using only one product to clean the bathroom
We are used to clean the bathroom with only one chemical. The chemists advise us that we need to use several chemicals to clean different surfaces. Only one is not enough. Each chemical is intended to clean certain surface. Once you’ve found the right product for certain bathroom element, you can be sure that your cleaning is properly done.

Stop using the universal cleaning products, because they are not as good as you think they are.