Eyes are quite connected with the whole organism. T

hey can express many healthy issues that you struggle with, but you are not even aware of them.

This is the study of an eye, and it is used by a lot of practitioners for alternative medicine.

Many people who are taking care of the quality of the eye like this idea.
This theory is based on the fact that different colors and patterns are accepted from certain part of the iris, and will give you some results for your overall health

People who are making these kind of researches, have certain chart according which they will provide you information.

The people who deal with these kind of examination shouldn’t be licensed, so don’t ask license
In case you struggle with some eyesight problems, you need to listen the advises which we are going to present you.

You need to change your lifestyle.

Quit smoking
In case you are smoking, it will put you I higher risk in developing some eyesight issue.

Take care of your cardiovascular system.
In case you struggle with high blood pressure you need to take care of it. It will damage the blood vessels in the eye, and will stop the blood flow.

In case you want to lower, or to keep the blood pressure under control, you need to eliminate fructose from your life.

Some survey made in America, presented that in case you consume 74 grams fructose per day you are at increased risk for having high blood pressure, up to 77%.

You need to keep your sugar under control.
As solution to this problem, we suggest you to increase the consumption of dark green leafy vegetables, and in the biggest quantity to eat kale.

People who increased the consumption of dark green vegetables, have perfect eyesight.

Consume a lot of omega 3 fatty acids.

These acids are most frequent in the fish. You need to consume plenty of fish, so your eyesight will be improved. You won’t struggle with your eye problems, because the fish in enough amount will solve everything.
You need to eliminate the trans fats because they will make you struggle with eyes.

They are contained in the processed foods, baked goods, margarine, shortening, fried food, fried chicken, cookies etc.
Eliminate the trans fats from your food diary, and add omega 3 fatty acids, which will help you to improve your health.

Keep your organism away from toxins.

SO the best prevention from toxins is the consumption of antioxidants. They will help you to eliminate the toxins from your body, and you will be healthy.

Helpful antioxidants
Blаck currаnt аnthocyаnins
Lutein is able to keep your eyes healthy, and you won’t have problems.

Zeaxanthin are in macula lutea. They have two main usages:
1. To absorb excess photon energy
2. To quench the radicals in the moment before the damage of the lupin membrane.

It will help you to save your vision.
You can find it in the food like dark green leafy veggies, and orange, and other fruits which are having the yellow color.

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant, which is considered to be the best of all, better than the previous two together.
It will prevent blindness.
In addition, we are presenting you from which diseases this antioxidant will protect you:

Age-relаted mаculаr degenerаtion (ARMD)
Diаbetic retinopаthy
Retinаl аrteriаl occlusion
Venous occlusion
Cystoid mаculаr edemа
Inflаmmаtory eye diseаses

Also this antioxidant has the power to keep the pressure in the eye in the normal levels.

The recommended dose on a daily basis is 2 to 4 mg per day.

Nowadays, our eyes are at higher danger from blindness.
Because of many dangerous factors which are taking part in the damage.
The contamination is on visible higher level, and there are a lot of household chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, and higher level of stress, will bring to higher damage.

So you need to think of your eyes, and eyesight so keep distance from the harmful materials.
And take care of your organism.