Many people wear glasses nowadays.
The massive number shows as a consequence of the technology. So most of the glasses need to contain anti Ray options.

Other people are wearing glasses as a result of their genes.
So in case you have some damage to your eyesight, and you wear gasses, in addition to this post we are going to present you some exercises which are going to help you to improve your eyesight.

You need to take one pencil. Stretch your arm to the front holding the pencil. With slow motion move the pencil to your nose, and strictly focus on the pencil with your eyes. Then, take in back to the first position keeping the same tempo.

You need to move your eyes in circles. Move them in the direction of the watch. Make a couple of repetitions. Then, roll the eyes again, but now in opposite direction.

Don’t forget to bling in-between the rolling.

You need to blink fast for around 20-30 times. Next, close your eyes, and rest their muscles. Repeat this exercise two times per day.


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