Native Americans are the first ones who used the ingredient Witch hazel.
It has been used for medical purposes, to treat some health issues without any kind of side effects.

The benefits of Witch Hazel are enormous, so in addition to this post we are going to explain you about the term Witch hazel, and the 40 amazing usages.
What is it?

It presents an extract from witch hazel tree, with Latin name Hamamelis virginiana.
Its leaves are highly beneficial, especially to consume it by absorbing through the skin.

It is most effective in treating some skin issues, because it is mostly applied on the skin.

In addition to his we are going to present you the most powerful medicinal features of this extract.
Antisеptic, аntibаctеriаl аnd аntivirаl


  • Astringent
    This is an ingredient which the extract contains. It is used for better function of the skin tissue. Said in simple words, it will make your skin tighter and will close the pore in order to eliminate the oily skin.
  • Witch Hazel benefits your skin
    In case you apply it on your skin, it will make your skin looks and feels like silk.
    Also you can use it for eliminating inflammation, removes swelling and redness.
    1. Prevent and treat acne
    It has the power to treat and eliminate the acne.
    It has anti-bacterial properties, and it can fight acne, acne marks.
    Also it is used for cleaning dirty skin, clogged pores.
    You just need to soak a cotton ball with this oil and apply on your face. This process you should repeat for three times per day.
    2. Make up remover
    Take off your make up with this magic oil. The benefits from cleaning your face with this natural makeup remover is that it is anti-aging, and will prevent wrinkles, will make your skin tighter.
    3. Treat razor burn
    After shaving you can use this oil because it will prevent the irritation for shaving.
    You can use it on any place of the body after shaving.
    4. Removes under –eye bags and reduce eye puffiness
    The bags which are appearing under eye when you didn’t sleep well the previous night, can be removed.
    It has anti inflammatory substances, and that is why it is used for some inflammation.
    You need to apply on the area around your eyes.
    Also, in addition below we’ve got the instruction for using the face mask.
    5. Tone skin
    Apply the oil on your already cleaned skin. You will make the pore smaller, and will eliminate the bacteria and also acts like a toner, so will make your skin equal.
    It is use for all skin types, not excluding the sensitive one.
    The method for usage is: first step, clean the face with castor oil, next massage with the witch hazel oil all over your face zone and neck.
    6. Treat Oily skin
    As we already said, hazel is very useful in eliminating the dirt off your face
    You need to apply on your skin on a daily basis 3 times per day.
    7. Use the oil after wax
    In case you are waxing, you need to apply from this oil right after waxing, and it will eliminate the irritation and also will make the skin smoother.
    8. Removing scars and stretch marks
    This is a great weapon against stretch marks and scars, because it will make the skin more elastic. The pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding may use this to avoid stretch marks.
    9. Moisturizer
    You can use it right after shower on your skin, so it will keep the skin hydrated and it won’t be itchy.
    10. Remove Hair dye for skin
    In case you are dyeing your hair at home, it is very likely to make the area below the hair dirty. You can eliminate it with a cotton ball, soaked in the oil, and remove the stains while they are still fresh.
    11. Treat bleak heads
    The oil is antibacterial, and black heads are made by dirty, so it will clean them and remove your blackhead.
    Witch Hazel Uses for Hair and Scalp
    12. Hazel between the shampoos
    You can put hazel between shampooing your hair. This way you will make your hair grow longer.
    13. For dandruff
    Use in on your hair to eliminate dandruff. Apply the oil on the scalp before washing your hair.
    14. Health bruises
    Because of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features will help you to heal bruises. Put on the affected area, and repeat that 3 times in the day.
    15. Heal cold sores
    In case you have a sore in your mouth, you can pour some of the oil in the mouth and then spit the oil. ‘
    16. Heal Sore Gums and Mouth
    It has the abilities to heal the sore gums and mouth. Add the oil and wash your mouth in order to eliminate the sores.
    17. Soothe a sore Throat and laryngitis
    You can use the Hazel tea in order to eliminate the laryngitis.
    Drink the tea , and you can make it at your home.
    18. Clean and Heal Minor Cuts
    You need to clean scrapes and continue to add on the sores. It will eliminate the bacteria and there will be no home.
    19. Soothe and clear diaper rash
    You can apply on the baby skin and you will eliminate the irritation from the diaper.
    20. Soothe hemorrhoids
    The irritation as we already said can be eliminated with this oil. You will use it as cold compress.
    21. Temporary Relief from varicose veins
    It will provide you a temporary relief. You need to make a wrap with clothes soaked n this oil.
    22. Hazel benefits for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak.
    Pour three times on the affected area during the day.
    23. For sunburn
    You can use this oil in other to soothe the sunburned skin. Just apply on the affected zone and it will give you relief.
    24. For Bug Bites
    Apply a little bit on the bites, and you will feel instant stop of the itchy skin.
    25. Hazes for Chicken Pox Blisters
    Again, it is the same as the bugs bites. You can apply it so it will stop to be itchy skin. You need to dilute the oil with water and apply on every blister.
    26. Anti aging
    It is anti aging, and against the wrinkles because it has the ability to close the pores and make the sin looks younger.
    27. Anti cancer properties
    This oil has a lot of properties, and among the best of them are the anti cancer properties. It will clean the organism and the organs, and will kill the cancer cells, because they will not be able to survive in the environment that hazel has made them.
    28. Prevent swimmer ear
    This is a condition where the ear is inflamed. So the kids need to apply from hazel oil in the ear. Or to clean the ear with cotton dip in the oil.
    29. Cures Psoriasis
    It is antibacterial, and also will keep the skin hydrated. You can apply hazel gel on the irritated skin. For the gel we are going to provide you a recipe.
    30. For Eczema
    This is a condition when the skin has irritation based on allergic.
    It will make your skin dry and itchy.
    Most of the people have even sores from eczema
    31. Witch Hazel for allergic reactions
    The best benefit and the most useful is this.
    Just like it cures psoriasis and eczema, it is very good for other allergies too.
    You can apply on the affected area and d this several times a day. It will eliminate totally the allergies.
    32. Use it as Antiperspirant
    You can use as antiperspirant because it has antibacterial properties. It will also eliminate the oil out of your skin. ‘
    33. Improve your mood
    Witch Hazel is one of the essential oils which is going to help you to improve your mood.
    You just have to combine it with several others and you will see the result.
    The best combination is the mixture of lavender, water, witch hazel, and lemon essential oils. Put the mixture in a spray container, so you can use it easily.
    34. Witch Hаzеl Mооd Imprоvеmеnt
    Wаtеr (1.5 Oz)
    Witch Hаzеl (1.5 Oz)
    Lаvеndеr Essеntiаl Oil (15 Drоps)
    Lеmоn Essеntiаl Oil (15 Drоps)
    Sprаy Bоttlе (4 Oz)
    35. Benefits of Witch hazel if you consume it orally
    You need to watch out when you consume it like this, You may have a kidney damage in case it is not organic, or in case of overdose you can damage the kidneys.
    Also hazel as a tea can treat a lot of other conditions, just like :
    Cоughing up blооd оr intеrnаl blееding оf аny kind
    Unusuаl оr еxcеssivе mеnstruаl blееding
    Cоlds аnd fеvеrs
    36. Removing Ticks
    For this removing process you will only need tweezers and the oil of witch hazel.
    Apply a drop from the oil on the tick. So with the tweezers, you need to catch the tick and take it away.
    37. You can clean the ears of your dog.
    Apply on a cotton ball some hazel oil, and clean the ears of the dog. Now you can also remove the smell from the dog.
    Witch Hаzеl (1/2 Cup)
    Wаtеr (1/2 Cup)
    Essеntiаl Oil (15 Drоps)
    Sprаy Bоttlе
    So make a mixture out of all these substances, and apply on the place where you want to eliminate the odor.
    38. Air freshener
    In addition to this we are going to present you the recipe for air freshener.
    Witch Hаzеl Air Frеshеnеr
    1 cup witch hаzеl
    2 cups оf wаtеr
    1/2 tеаspооn еssеntiаl оil
    Sprаy bоttlе
    You just need to make a mixture out of everything and spray on everything that you want to smell. Especially for the fabrics.
    39. You can clean your jewelry
    You just need to put the necklace in the oil hazel and then take it of and make it dry.
    40. Mop Floors
    Witch Hаzеl Flооr Clеаnеr Rеcipе
    1/2 cup witch hаzеl
    1 gаllоn оf hоt wаtеr
    1 tаblеspооn Bоrаx
    You can make a mixture out of the water and oil. Also, you can add the borax and clean the floor,
    You won’t need more rinsing.
    With this cleansing process, the oil will make the floor shiny and it is also anti-bacterial so no bacteria will be on the floor.
    Witch Hаzеl Fаciаl Tоnеr
    Witch Hаzеl Fаciаl Tоnеr Rеcipе
    Witch Hаzеl (2 Oz)
    Vitаmin C Pоwdеr (1/2 tspn)
    Tеа Trее Oil (6 Drоps)
    Lаvеndеr Essеntiаl Oil (6 Drоps)
    Mix all the ingredients together. Use t as a face toner and clean your face 2 times a day.
    Is Witch Hazel Safe?
    Yes, it is safe because there were a lot of other surveys and it was proven that it is completely safe.
    You can try it.
    Apply n some area which is not that visible. You will feel something, but it for such a short period. Then you will wait for 30 minutes and see that the skin is clear.
    What does Witch Hazel do?
    It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory oil which will protect our ski from damages.
    In case you consume it regularly, you can see the results, and have glowing skin, and silky like a silk. .
    Witch hazel is safe for dog, or for any kind of pet. So don’t worry it is highly beneficial.