In case you think that you pass the period of puberty, you are wrong. Acne can come after the puberty.

It is caused mostly from hormone imbalance.
Many women are trying to find the solution to prevent and eliminate acne.

Especially those who are in their mid-period, or in PMS.
Women are the ones who are trigger by this acne process, mostly, because when they cannot control the testosterone and estrogen production, acne happens.

In order to prevent acne, you need to keep your organism hydrated, and never allow dehydrating,

So, when we have dominance of estrogen so the skin will become how it will become, full of acne, and disgusting.

So people, fighting against acne, are spending a lot of money to win the battle, but sometimes the product can help you.
In addition to this post we are going to present you the foods which you need to avoid, in order to prevent acne.

1. Dairy
Dairy products are contained by many synthetic hormones which will inflame the skin, and will improve the production of estrogen, which you don’t need. And this process will cause you acne.

2. Soy is one of the worst food for acne.
In case you are already inflamed by acne, this will cause you much bigger problem.

3. Gluten
This is just as dairy products.
It will make your face inflamed, and increase the production of the estrogen hormone, which will lead directly to causing acne.

4. Canola, sunflower, safflower, and vegetable oil
These oils, are forbidden for those who are fighting with hormone imbalance, so people will eliminate these oils, because the fatty acids’ omega 3, will produce increasing of the estrogen in the organism.

5. Caffeine
Coffee is the worst enemy of the skin.
Except if you use it for pilling.
You will make a imbalance in the organism and this will cause some skin problems.

You can consume food which are good for the skin and to balance the hormones.

1. Avocado
This is very good food for the controlling the production of the hormones
Also eliminates the possibility of getting inflammation

2. Cinnamon
This is full of anti-inflammatory substances, and antibacterial properties.
You need to consume it on a daily basis in case you struggle with acne.

3. Pomegranates
You need to consume pomegranate too, because it is rich in vitamin C, and also has anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
It is not excluded the antibacterial feature.

4. Turmeric
This is the best herb out of all. Because it is contained with a lot of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-cancer properties. Also it is capable of making balance in production of the hormones, so the acne problem will be left in the past.

5. Chia seeds
These seed are one of the most effective in the fight against acne, and skin damage at all.
You will consume these on a daily basis, so take them in larger amounts.