There are a couple of things that you can be sure that they are going to happen, and bloating after eating is one of them.

In case you eat some kind of big salad, you will feel bloated and will be thirsty the whole day.
This will cause you some discomfort.
So, because of this, we made a survey, and we found several solutions to this problem.

So in case you are feeling bloated, try one of the following solutions and feel immediate relief.

1. Detox smoothie
So, whenever you begin to start to feel a little bit bloated, don’t wait.
Make your detox smoothie. In case you don’t know the recipe we are going to share it with you.
Mix coconut water, collards, kale, parsley, pineapple lemon, fresh ginger, and ice.
SO you need to drink this healthy juice two times a day, as a breakfast, and before lunch. The lunch should be consisted of some light ingredients, like soup.

It’s thought that the smoothie which is full of fiber, is helping the stomach to digest better, and eliminate bloating.

2. Fennel Seeds
So, also when you are bloated, and you can’t feel relief, by this.
It is presented as secret weapon against bloating.
You need to take a ½ spoon dry and roasted fennel seeds and just chew it.
This certain type of seed, is very beneficial against the gasses in the stomach.
In case you can’t eat them dry-roasted, you can make tea out of fennel and cumin mixed with coriander.

3. Give your belly a massage

In case you feel bloated, you can make a gentle massage in order to reduce the gasses. You just need to lie down, on your back and gently start a massage, this will position all the organs on their places, and coordinate the gasses, without that much discomfort.
For the massage use warm sesame oil.

4. Water and walking
The oldest solution is to go back to basic, to walk and to drink water.
It will completely eliminate bloating, gas and beside this many other problems.

5. Consume probiotic
In case you struggle with the bloating on a daily basis, maybe it is time to consume probiotic.
In case the fiber is only prepared and digested by the bacteria, you must take the step so start to consume probiotic.
It will regulate the bloating, and the digestion of the fiber, so the bloating won’t be present anymore.
Ask your doctor for choosing the right probiotic for you.

6. You need to prepare yourself before you consume food that causes bloating.
In case you know that you are going to eat food which makes you bloated, prepare yourself.
For example, garlic, onions, dairy, if you are going to eat them, you need to prepare yourself the best solution, consume digestive enzymes.
In case this doesn’t work, you can start to with the water and running around.
In case you are feeling bloated on a daily basis, you need to visit your doctor, because I may be a sign of something else, not indigestion.