Hands are not only for working and writing.

We need to pay attention to the condition of or arms. Most of the thing which are happening in our organism, issues and conditions can be demonstrated through our hands.

We must know which conditions can be seen through our hands, and in addition to this post, that is exactly what are you going to see.

7 things that your hand are telling you
1. Skin peeling
In case your hands are peeling, this can mean that you have lack of Vitamin B.
In case you struggle with this regularly you need to increase the vitamin B intake, by consuming avocado, mushrooms, peanuts etc.

2. Shaky hands
Frequently shaking hands is result of too much coffee intake.
These things are not so serious, but in case it is excessive, you may have Parkinson’s disease. Which is a very serious condition.
You need to ask for help.

3. Weak nails
In case like this you probably lack Zinc in your organism. That is the most common consequence of zinc deficiency.
You can consume oats, nuts, meat and wheat.

4. Impoverished Nail Pads
Internal weakness is demonstrated by white nails. This means that you have reduced levels of RBC and you have insufficient oxygen supply to the nails.

5. Bluish nails
In case you struggle with Raynaud’s disorder, you will have blue or red fingertips. You can feel your fingers as numb, accompanied by shivering.
This is a result of shrinking of the blood in the palm zone. You can regulate this with certain drugs.

6. Dry hands and rashes
In case you struggle with dry and rough hands independently of the amount of cream you apply.
The first suspicion is skin irritation, called dermatitis.
In this case you need to pay a visit to your dermatologist.

7. Hyperpigmentation 
In case you notice dark spots on your hands, you probably have hyperpigmentation.  It is caused by inadequate exposure to the sun.
You need to use already tested creams and protect your skin.
Take care of your hands and skin, so you could be able to recognize what is the condition of your health.