Lower back is one of the most common painful zones in the human body.

In this article we are going to present you 8 exercises hat you need to do on a daily basis, so the back pain will be eliminated.

These kinds of exercises are not like ordinary exercises, but stretching ones.
That is why they will help you with the lower back pain.
You need to do these exercise only when you are healthy because when something hurts you, you can only make the situation worse.

1. Piriformis stretch
This presents an internal hip rotator. The main role of this is external rotation.
This muscle is over the sciatic nerve, so if it is tight will help, but if it is not, then It can cause irritation of the nerve. You need to exercise in order to prevent irritation.
You need to place yourself on the floor in sitting position. Cross one leg over the another just like on the picture.
One hand on the floor, and the other one touch the elbow with the knee. They need to be opposite (left hand-right leg).
Like this you are going to stretch the hips, bask and glutes.

2. Lunge with spinal twist
This is often used by the athletics. It is the best war up activity. It will adapt the muscles for further exercising.
Stand straight. Make one huge step in front, using your left foot. Bend the front leg, and the back one still hold straight.
When you are in this position, touch the floor with the right hand, and the left one raise it up with the upper body turned on left.
Stay in this pose from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It depends on how much you can.
With this you activate hips, quads, back

3. Figure four stretch
This position will improve the function of two muscles, hip rotator and flexor muscles. It will eliminate the knee pain too.
This exercise is made in lied position. Now, put the left foot over the right knee. Raise the right leg with the left, together.
With your hands take your right leg and pull until you feel you have stretching pain.
Stay in this position from half minute to 2 minutes.
This exercise activates hips, glutes, lower back.

4. Knee to Chest stretch
Lie on the floor with your belly up. You need to take your knee and close it to your chest, but don’t raise your upper body.
Stay like this again from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
You are activating lower back and hips.

5. Sphinx Stretch
Lay on your belly and raise only your upper body. Raise yourself as much as you can.

Don’t move your legs. You will feel tight muscle in the back.
Like this you are stretching the lower back and chest.

6. Extended puppy pose
You need to sit on your knees first.
Then you need to place the hips on halfway between the heels and knees. Place the palms as far as you can to the front, without moving the hips.
Just like on the picture.
You are activating back, shoulders and glutes.

7. Pretzel Stretch
Lie on a side, for example the right side. Hold your head with the right hand.
Grab the right foot with the left hand.
The other leg put it in front, under right angle.
You are stretching quads, oblique, hips

8. Twisted Reclined pigeon
For this exercise place yourself on the ground, with the belly looking up. Place your arms on the floor so you will for the letter T.
Bend the left leg and put in under your back side. The right leg raise it and cross the other leg. Stay in this position for 2 minutes.
You are stretching hips, gluts and lower back.