Stress is the main causer of 90 per cent of the world diseases. It will directly or indirectly influence some organs, and will damage them.

In case you are stressed longer time, you will damage certain organs and some signs.

But as we already know, stress is normal in every life, but only in certain amounts.

In addition to this post we are going to present you several signs which are going to tell you that you are over stress and need to chill a little bit.

1. The body is in pain
You need to hear everything that your body is telling you. In case you are under huge stress the body will start to show you some more obvious signs. You may have stomach issues, diarrhea, ulcers, tense muscles, chest pain. Headaches will be constant. Each part of your body will scream for you, and you need to hear that and try to relax.
You need to be aware that each pain has its own significance

2. You aren’t sleeping well
In case you have lack of sleep, and that is caused from insomnia, you need to think about your life and that you are over stressed.
You can use meditation, and practicing yoga. SO you will be able to sleep well.
The stress will make disorder in your life, and you need to notice that.

3. You have weight fluctuations
In case you are eating too much, or you are not eating at all. You are overstressed. Your metabolism will slow day its process and will cause you some problems, lack of energy and it won’t be able to solve the problems and do the responsibilities.
You can gain, or lose weight fast, so you won’t even be aware of it.

4. You won’t stop thinking on work and problems
In case you are always thinking on work and money and many others work problems. You can solve a lot of problems on your work, think about your wife, and kids etc.
All this influences your mind and health. SO you are over stressed.
You may also have some kind of psychological and physical problems.

5. You can’t sit still
You hate being in one certain place, because you will lose control and get nervous. This is a sign of over stressed people. For this problem you can exercise, and do stretching exercises.
Furthermore, if it is causing you some more serious problems you need to find our what is the thing which makes you stressed, and try to eliminate the problem.
The best solution of anxiety and fear are to face them and solve them.

6. You have little patience with others
In case you can’t tolerate the others around you, and you are getting nervous from very little thing that you are over stressed.
In case you are nervous all the time and on each small thing you are exploding, that means that you have been tormented in the past.
In case you struggle this much you should ask for help.
7. You have major mood swings
In case you are over stressed, you will have mood swings.
In case these swings are often, you need to ask for help.
The over stressed situation will result with other things, not only with mood swings.
You need to ask for help, and talk with others. See what is bothering you, you may help yourself.
There is nothing to be ashamed of.

8. You have hair loss
Hair loss is the worst indicator of over stressed situation.
You can lose 100 hair per day. But in case you are losing more than that you are losing them from stress.
Eliminate and lower the stress because you will be bald.
It is good to know that in case you are losing hair, you should ring the bell that you are too much stressed.

9. You have a loss of libido
One of the most common results of over stress is the loss of libido.
Also the stress will influence on the sexual relationship, and basically on your relationship. You won’t be able to experience any kind of intimacy. It is the same with men and women.

During our life we have ups and downs, all need to be regulated. It is easy to enjoy with the ups, but we need to learn how to live with the downs too.