We all work, we all hurt ourselves. We may cut, scrape or minor wounds, are our everyday.

You can prevent them, the only thing that you need to do is to be careful.
A cut can be made even shorter than the blink of an eye.

For these small cuts or wounds you don’t need to go to your doctor. But, in case the wound is something far more serious, you will go to the doctor, he will close the wound and make a disinfection.
In case you don’t go to the doctor with a serious wound, you can make further complications.

In addition to this text we are going to present you how to heal your cuts or scrapes, or small wounds with the help of essential oils.
Right after the skin is damaged on some way, you need to clean he wound.

1. Myrrh
This is an essential oil which has a lot of usages and benefits. The source of this oil is Commiphora Myrrha tree.
In case you see open wound you need to apply this oil.
It is used in the past, mostly by the Greek knights, when they were in the war, for the wounded soldiers.
It is sticky and slow flowing.
It has one bad side, that it its smell. It doesn’t smell very nice, so you need to combine it with lavender or other oil that smells good.

2. Tea tree oi
This is organic oil which has numerous benefits
It is stunning with the powerful properties.
In case you don’t have at your home you can buy it.
It is so powerful so once you apply it, it will heal the wound, and will also keep the bacteria out. It is very powerful antibacterial essential oil.
Tea tree oil is very popular, and reach the peak of the fame with its usage in the alternative medicine during the past years.
Nowadays, there are a lot of shampoos, face soaps, hand cream, face cream, micellar water etc. So you need to check the price before you buy.

3. Lavender essential oil
The best lavender fields are in France, and the biggest too.
You can buy the essential oil here.
The essential oil with the best smell, and with the most benefits is lavender.
It smells so perfectly, so relaxing, calming etc.
It also can be used for wounds.
You can use it without dilution with water, or with, it depends on you.

4. Helichrysum essential oil
This is an essential oil plant
It is especially used for essential oils.
In case of any kind minor sores you can use this oil. It has high benefits as an oi.
It is antibacterial, but highly. It can eliminate the bacteria completely from the wound.
The price of this oil is very high, so you can buy it in smaller amounts, and you can dilute it with other essentials, add 10% from this oil. Jojoba oil can be the main oil in the dilution.

5. Frankincense
This oil goes in a package with Myrrh essential oil.
These oils you can buy it here; they are affordable but with a lot of benefits.
This mixture is one of the strongest wound healers.

6. Rosemary
The oil from rosemary, also reach it peak nowadays, so it is not that affordable with the price, so you need to check.
It is also very good as essential oil, with quite a good smell and highly benefits.
It can heal wounds in very short period of time.
Don’t use it during the night.

7. Chamomile
You can buy yourself the German chamomile, because it is the best or very good replacement is the Roman chamomile. They have the power to balance the spirits, and also calm them.
Use it for healing wounds.
The German essential oil in in light blue color, and has properties which will help you to keep your skin fresh,

In addition, we are going to present you the
1 оz (30 ml) оf Frаctiоnаtеd Cоcоnut Oil
6 drоps Myrrh
6 drоps Frаnkincеnsе
6 drоps Lаvеndеr
In a can put the essential oils and mix them well. Put it on the wound, on every 2 hours. Repeat this 3-4 days, and after that read the Scar Oil Blend.

1/2 оz (15 ml) Hаzеlnut cаrriеr оil
172 оz (15 ml) Swееt Almоnd cаrriеr оil
6 drоps Lаvеndеr
4 drоps Hеlichrysum
3 drоps Frаnkincеnsе
2 drоps Gеrаnium

Again make a mixture out of all oils, and apply on the skin only when it is hurting you or itching.