In case you struggle with insomnia, this is the prefect article for you.

Most of the people have tried out everything which they can just to remove insomnia from their life.

The best thing is not to try drinking sleeping pills. They are highly addictive, and they have a lot of side effects.

The worst of all is the addition. After that you won’t be able to stay awake, and many bad things as side effect will appear.

When we can’t sleep than we are interrupting our biorhythm, so causes stress, anxiety.

Insomnia can cause by a lot of medicament and blood pressure medicament.

Banana tea

The banana tea is the best of all for curing insomnia.
They are very useful weapon against lack of sleep and inability to fall asleep.
Bananas are rich is potassium and magnesium.
These ingredients will help you to fall asleep easier and you will be more relaxed.
The ingredients need to be organic.

1 banana
1 small pot of water
Dash of cinnamon
Put the water on a heat, and cut the banana peeled, into the boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes.

Then you can drink the tea, an hour before you fall asleep.

If you are taking sleeping pills, you should eliminate them.

As we already said they have very bad side effects.

In addition, we are presenting the bad influence that sleeping pills are causing.
-difficulty fоcusing аnd rеmеmbеring
-stоmаch pаin
-uncоntrоllаblе shаking