We all know that exercise is healthy. But, sometimes we are leaving ourselves to enjoy in eating food and not exercising.

Once you have a belly fat, it is very hard to eliminate.
Yes, we think like that.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the easiest exercises that will take you 10 minutes in the day, and the belly fat will be gone.

1. Squats
You need to straighten your arms above you, and bend your knees in right angle.
Take a position of your feet a little bit more opened than the shoulders. Lower down and place your arms I front of you. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

2. Lifting legs
You need to place yourself on the end of the chair. Next, bend your knees and place the arms on the chair behind you.
You need to move your back side to the front, and raise the leg parallel to the floor.
From this exercise make 20 repetitions on each leg.
3. Plank
Now that your arms took their rest, you can take the bar pose.
Stay straight with you back. Stay like this for half minute. Every other day, you need to raise the plank for 10 seconds plus.
4. Body turns
You need to place yourself behind the chair and touch the back of the chair with your hands.
Leave space between you and the chair, and bend your knees, and go to the pose where the breasts are parallel with the floor.
Try to turn your body on the left side, and moving the left arm to the ear.
This is the exercise which you need to repeat 20 times, on each side.
5. Twisting Lying
You need to lie on the back side with the belly looking up.
Next, place the feet on the chair’s seat.
Hands behind the heat. Raise yourself, and touch the left elbow and right knee.
This also need to be repeated 20 times, on each side.