Ever heard about constipation? Well, that’s actually the “fancy” medicine word for not pooping regularly, and is described as “ inability to pass hard stools whenever feeling the need to finish that task”. For many people is a painful process, just because the muscles feel the need, though the taskContinue Reading

Both finger and toenails are usually pale pink in color, with a lighter crescent shape at the bottom of the nail known as the lunula. But sometimes, we notice white spots on our nails, clearly distinctive from the color of the nails. What are they? “They” are called leukonychia. LeukonychiaContinue Reading

As we grow older and reach above our 30’s, regular annual medical check-ups are something that everyone should do. As a prevention or simply, a measurement of caution. However, you don’t always have time or medical insurance to cover these check-ups. That’s why we suggest you take of yourself –Continue Reading

Fortune telling is the practice of predicting information about a person’s life. Historically, fortune telling grows out of folkloristic reception of Renaissance magic, specifically associated with Romani people. However, Hindus have used astrology, palmistry, alchemy and similar techniques long before, and these information are mentioned for the first time in the fengshui and astrology book of theContinue Reading

Living in a busy world like today makes you miss the most important call of all – the call your own body sends to you. That something in there is just not functioning right. Here are the most common signs that your kidneys are not working at their full capacity:Continue Reading