Our feet have some kind of power to eliminate the toxins of our body. This is proved by Chinese system of reflexology. With this we want to tell you that you can detoxify your organism, and eliminate the extra toxins throughout your feet. The process of detoxification is very simply.Continue Reading

Migrаinеs sееm tо rеаr thеir ugly hеаd аt thе wоrst pоssiblе timеs. Thеy cаn bе еspеciаlly wоrsе during pеrimеnоpаusе, whеn yоu stаrt оr stоp birth cоntrоl, аnd—just likе clоckwоrk—during yоur pеriоd. Nеаrly еvеry mоnth, thеsе аmpеd-up hеаdаchеs аppеаr, mаking lifе еvеn mоrе misеrаblе. Whеn yоu’rе struggling with оthеr pеriоd prоblеms,Continue Reading

In case you think that you pass the period of puberty, you are wrong. Acne can come after the puberty. It is caused mostly from hormone imbalance. Many women are trying to find the solution to prevent and eliminate acne. Especially those who are in their mid-period, or in PMS.Continue Reading