You are dreaming about glowing skin, just like the one on the TV.
All of you think that it is impossible to achieve this kind of skin.
We are offering you one recipe which will help you to get the skin that you want.
It will provide you the whitening that you dream for, and also the glow of silky and healthy skin.
You will make a soap.


– ½ grаtеd sоаp (we suggest pеаrs, but it is on you to decide)
– ½ tеаspооn оf purе hоnеy
– 1 tеаspооn оf glycеrin
– 2 vitаmin E cаpsulеs
– ½ tаblеspооn оf chаrcоаl pоwdеr

In a can, put the soap and add the honey, after the honey add the glycerin, 2 vitamin E capsules and the charcoal powder.
Make a mixture out of all, and then you need to freeze it.
Once It is over put it in a well-shaped can, that kind of shape the soap will have.

Freeze it for 6 hours. If you think it needs to stay longer leave it.
Once the soap is done, take it out of the container.

You will have clear skin, moisturized.
Just like you have dreamed for.

  • The glycerin will provide you the healthy and fresh looking skin.
  • Honey will feed the skin with vitamins and minerals, and it is a great antioxidant.
  • Vitamin E will provide you benefits for the elasticity of the skin, and it is a great moisturizer.



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