You need to know something. In case you struggle with polyps, you may get cancer on the colon.

During the beginning of the polyp, it is benign, but it will change as the time passes by.

What are Colon Polyps?

Polyp is described as abnormal growth of the wall of the colon as organ.
The function of the colon is to eliminate all the waste from our organism.
It can be infected and inflamed because it is in constant touch with bacteria.
SO, polyps are just additional problem, which can be eliminated with surgery called endoscopy.

What causes colon polyps?
There are some people who are more exposed to have polyps, and some of them are prone to having polyps.

– Being on a diet which contains a high fat
– Alcohol in enormous amounts
– Smoking
– More than 50 years
– Cancer history in the family
– Having a low fiber diet

In addition, we are presenting you the signs and symptoms of the polyps; which shouldn’t be ignored, because they can be treated.

After when colon cancer comes on stage, there is no turning back. You will have to try hard, and we don’t know and can’t be sure about the winner on the end of the battle.

– Constipation which lasts more than 2-3 weeks
– Change in the habits of your organs
– Diarrhea
– Abdominal pain
– Anemia
– Iron deficiency

It is the same symptoms and signs for those who have carcinoma, but you need to check yourself.

It can be checked by the process of endoscopy.

Elimination of the Colon Polyps

  • You shouldn’t get fatter
  • In case you are over weighed you need to lose weight
  • Stop drinking
  • Quit smoking
  • You need to eat an apple per day
  • Consume oatmeal for breakfast, because you will enrich your stomach with
  • fiber, which is needed for elimination of the polyps
  • Consume lemon and heat water on an empty stomach, for better digestion
  • Use virgin oil
  • Consume more probiotics
  • Eat fruits and vegetables similar to broccoli, beets etc.