The biggest problem of the arteries appears when the blood vessels which provide the hearth with blood, oxygen and other nutrients, are damaged.
The presence of cholesterol deposit in the coronary arteries are responsible for arteries damage.

When in the arteries are build some clogs, or plaque, it will make the blood flow more difficult, sometimes impossible. The time when you will notice that your arteries are clogged, you will feel pain in the chests, which condition is called angina, lack of breath in the lungs.
In case you are ignoring the signs like these, the arteries will be fully blocked. This is condition known under the name heart attack.

The coronary diseases are made throughout a lot of years of stress, unhealthy food, anxiety and many other factors. That is why most of the people realize the disease when heart attack comes on scene, only if they survive.
In addition, we are going to present you the symptoms for coronary disease
In case you are struggling with narrowing of the arteries, you will feel lack of air. Like the air doesn’t reach your lungs. This symptom is mostly noticed when exercising.

Chest pain called angina
This is a condition where you feel pain in the chests, some pressure described as you’ve got something heavy put on your chest. This pain you will feel mostly on the left side.
It is believed that this, angina, is developed by physical or emotional stress.
This pain is temporary, and after a couple of minutes when you will be stabilized from the stressful moment, it will pass.

Shortness of breath
You may feel lack of air in your lungs. This is the condition when there is not enough blood to all of your vessels. It is also manifested with fatigue and exertion.

Heart attack
This is described as complete block of the arteries and the substances like blood, oxygen can’t reach to the heart, and if this takes a longer time, the patient will die.
The manifestations before heart attack are crushing pressure in the chest and sharp pain in the left shoulder and arm.

When To Visit Your Doctor
In case you think that you may have or will have heart attack, you need to call 911 in the same moment. Another option is to call for the people who are close to you, like your neighbor, people who live with you. You shouldn’t start to drive on your own in this condition.
One thing you need to bean on mind, if in your family, you have history with high blood pressure, disease, high cholesterol, you need to go on regular check-ups. You will follow your condition in any case, so you will prevent having a heart attack.

Book an appointment at Mayo Clinic
In case of beginning of atherosclerosis.
Sometimes the coronary disease can start to develop in case of injury of the inside layer of the coronary artery. This sometimes can happen when you are a child.

This disease can be caused by many other factors like:
-High blood pressure
-High cholesterol
-Sedentary lifestyle

Even the smallest injury of the inside of the wall, the artery will start to clog. With the development of the clog, caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, the process atherosclerosis starts. When the surface breaks, the blood vessels will do their best to repair the wall. With these kinds of repair, the arteria starts to block the blood flow. When the complete blocking happens, the heart attack occurs.

In addition to this we are going to present you what influences o clogging the artery.

1. Age
The fact that we are older, the risk of heart attack is increasing.
Men are more prone to coronary artery disease than women. But, women after menopause have increased risk of heart attack.

2. Family History
Those who have their precursors suffered from coronary disease, heart attack are at higher risk from those who don’t have any kind of heart attack history.
The man whose father was diagnosed with coronary disease before the age of 55, and whose mother was diagnosed with heart disease before age of 65 are more prone to develop some kind of heart disease.

3. Smoking
As it was said, smoking kills people. Those who are smoking cigarettes are at higher risk to have a heart attack at earlier stage of life. So you need to quit smoking, before something bad happens to you, which can end up with death.

4. High blood pressure
The high blood pressure is very dangerous for the heart and for the arteries. In case you struggle with regulating blood pressure, you need to start drinking some medicament and try to regulate it on a daily basis. Check It several times per day.

5. High cholesterol levels
There are two types of cholesterol, the good one and the bad one. We are talking about the bad one, you need to keep it under control. In case you struggle with high cholesterol levels, you need to take care, don’t eat too much meat, too much oily food. Instead of that kind of diet, you can change the diary plan and start to eat healthy, based on fruit and veggies.

6. Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is very dangerous for the organism, just like coronary disease. These two are connected because one influences another. In case you have diabetes type 2, you are exposed to higher risk of heart attack, because in will contribute to clogging the arteries.

7. Obesity
Overweight will increase the factor for clogged arteries, and will increase the risk of having diabetes, and many other dangerous diseases.

8. Physical inactivity
We all need to exercise, because that is the best way to eliminate the risks of heart attack. The excessive weight can be eliminated with that, and all our organs will work better.

9. High stress
The high stress that you may have influences all your body, organs, and heart, and arteries are no exclusion.

10. Unhealthy diet
That is why we always advise that healthy life is the key thing for long life.
You need to know that healthy dishes, will improve the blood circulation, the positive acids will eliminate the junk and the toxins that we all got in our organism, and will clear the clogged arteries. By unclogging the arteries, we are making our life longer.
With unhealthy diet, you will block your arteries causing higher risk for heart attack, with that you are making your life shorter. You need to take care of developing some serious disease before the heart attack, because that would be suicide.

When you are not eating healthy, you probably don’t work out so you will have obesity. Obesity as we already sad is the best friend for heart diseases.
You need to take care of yourself, live a healthy life with plenty of vitamins and regular exercises.

Nowadays, because of common coronary diseases, there are many surveys for other not so common risk factors, which will increase the appearance of this kind of deadly diseases.
1. Sleep apnea.
This is kind of disorder that happens while you are asleep. It is a condition when a sudden drops in blood oxygen levels are happening while you are asleep. It will raise the blood pressure and will cause the leading disease to heart attack.
2. High triglycerides
These lipids when they are with raised levels will cause heart diseases.
3. Homocysteine
This is a kind of amino acid that your body needs to produce proteins which will protect your tissue. It is healthy in normal levels, everything above is harmful.
4. Preeclampsia
This is a situation which is very characteristic to pregnant women. The signs are very high blood pressure and high levels of protein in the urine.
5. Alcohol use
Except the liver damage, the alcohol will damage other organs, and without their function the clogging of the arteries will be higher than usual.
6. Autoimmune diseases
Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus inflammation will lead to heart attack.

Except the risk factors, furthermore, we are going to present you the complications which can cause the disease on the arteries.

In case you struggle with clogged arteries, you will have angina which we already explained, also will cause lack of breath mostly due to physical activities.
– Heart attack is the most dangerous of all. Most of these attack are deadly because they are noticed very late.
– Heart failure is a condition where the heart is already damaged by previous health attack, and it is very slow and doesn’t have the power to give and pump the amount of blood that your organism needs.
– Arrhythmia is a heart condition when the heart is not following one rhythm, but it changes the way it works.
As a prevention, we are offering you some suggestions. Most of them are something that you can give a little effort, but it will be very useful. You will be grateful.

Quit smoking, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, exercise, eat healthy, eliminate stress.


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