Lumps in most of the cases are harmless, and without some serious consequences.

They can appear in case of some kind of inflammation where you supposed to take an antibiotic.

There are numerous reasons for showing lumps, knots and nodules all around your body.

Those who suffered from acne know best how to diagnose lump. But if you are not in this group of people, consult with your doctor.

It is not only by touching the zone from the back side of our apparatus for hearing. If you have some skin that sticks out, and that feels very soft, then that probably is lipoma or fatty lump.

Furthermore, if it is tender, but it hurts, it probably is a pimple. And at the end it is causing you a problem like fever and something more serious, than it is an infection or inflammation.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the possible reasons for showing up a lump in the zone behind the ears.

1. Inflammation

Bacteria and viral inflammation are the basic things that lead to swollen back part of the ears. (measles, chicken pox and HIV)

2. Lipoma

This is made in between certain layers of the skin. These are harmless, and also they can show up everywhere.

3. Acne

This is a reason because the dead skin cells and oil clog follicles on the skin. These are harmless too, but they are not comfortable to watching.

4. Abscess

Abscess is inflammation on the cells and tissues. You should kill the bacteria and virus, in order not to spread the infection. This is painful on touch.

5. Lymphadenopathy

The start of this inflammation is in the lymph nodes which are located under our arms, neck, pelvis and ears. When this infection spreads the swelling must show.

6. Mastoiditis

This is some kind of ear infection, and it shows when the ear infection is not cured at all. After this you can have pus-filled cysts, in case you are not curing it.

7. Otitis media

This is an inflammation which is also an ear infection. Your area behind the ears will start to swell and you need to treat it with antibiotics.


8. Sebaceous cysts

The main position of these is under the skin, mostly on the neck, head and torso.  This condition is found in sebaceous gland which takes care for lubrication of skin and hair.

9.  Salivary gland problems 

In between each of these salivary gland and our mouth, there is a tube. The function of the tube is to bring the saliva to your mouth. This work can be interrupted by the salivary gland stones and debris. This glands can cause you swelling when you consume food.

A lot of infection can be caused in these glands, but, most of the infections will cause you mumps and some kind of swelling in the neck.

The worst thing that can happen out of these infections is cancer. It is a type of cancer in the salivary glands.

10. Tumors

There are two types of tumors in the organism. First type of tumor can be non-cancerous, which is also known under the name benign. The second type of tumor is the one which is dangerous and it is cancerous. This type can result in death and a lot of pain.

  • Benign types of tumors are fatty limps and some other types of tissues which are soft, and nerves and blood vessels.
  • And malign cancers are the one which are dangerous. They are dangerous because they will spread all over your organism and will inflame and take over every organ. Some of them are bone tumors, and tumors of cartilage.


Before you take anything in your hands, first visit a doctor.