Most of the people around the world struggle with skin marks and stains which we don’t know where are they from.

They appear all of a sudden.

  • Identify the red spots

Many red spots cannot be identified very easily and you need to try harder. There are many skin infections which can appear from different causes. The most common reasons are some acute conditions and also some chronic diseases.

The best solution to find out why your skin has such marks, is to visit your doctor and they will explain you everything and the best.

We all know that these are harmless, but the thing that we don’t know is that they may be a marker for some dangerous disease.
We are going to talk about one certain moles.

1.  Pityriasis rosea

This will cause you a red rush, and its cause it is not known.But, it is believed to be caused by a viral infection.

This condition has new name and it is the Christmas tree. So, the reason for this name is because it looks like a Christmas tree when it first appears.

First appearance is a large spot, and you can find it on your back, chest and abdomen. Each spot has a name, this is called the mother spot.

And each other is called the daughter spot, because they are smaller and they are appearing after the first one. They are also called patches.

The daughter patches are characterized by a round form and red color. Not that often, some of them may have a ring shaped red circle.

Some of the symptoms are;

  • sore throat
  • itchy skin especially when the skin is warm
  • headache and fever

2. Heat rash 

These kind of hot rush are going to appear when you are doing some physical activity, and the swat will clog the pores, and they are unable to breathe. As a result to this it will appear some rashes.

They are filled with clear liquid and often are appropriated with pain and burning.

The pain will be gone only when the skin will cool off.

3. Contact dermatitis

Another reason for this kind of skin problems is when people are in touch with some kind of allergen and irritant. That means you will get this kind of a pain when you will touch something that you are allergic to, or something which is able to harsh your skin.

Symptoms of this condition are: redness, hives, swelling, burning, itching, blisters which can ooze, crusting or scaling on your skin.

4. Shingles

This is a condition which appearance is characterized only on one side of the face or body.  They are little blisters, with main causer VZV, which is produced by chickenpox.  In case you’ve struggled with this condition, you are prone to the shingles. Once you have this condition, the first symptoms are itching and tingling  on the skin, forming a line on the left and the right side of the body, which are often very painful. And they can last from 7 to 10 days. They are kind of red-pink color and they look like mole a lot.

  •  But it is not all that bad.

So, some of the red spots are not even blister and not some other kind of disease. Many people claim that these kinds of marks are showing in the fourth decade of life, but still children have them.
Most of the people take them not very serious and go to eliminate them with surgery.

Their famous name is ‘ruby points’. And they are described on two ways.

  • Once that they are capillary dilation, and the second one is small benign tumors.
  • If they are benign tumors, means that they are not carcinogenic and there is nothing to be scared about.