It is really important to keep your weight in normal. But we all know how hard it is.

In case you are eating fast foot on a daily basis, you need to stop that.

Nowadays, obesity and overweight are very common problem. It is very easy to gain weight, and people can do that with pleasure. Everyone wants to eat, and most of the people enjoy during the process.

The worst thing is that the fast life brings us to the line where we don’t do the meals at home with love and care. Bur, instead of that we consume fast food.

The fast food is the worst enemy. Beside the fact that it will harm us with creating a lot of fats and increasing the bad cholesterol, it may bring us obesity. This is quite a problem.

Obesity as a disease will cause many more health issues like cholesterol, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, it can make us lazy.

With a lot of weight you won’t be able to do the physical activities properly, you won’t have the energy. Furthermore, it will make our heart to work harder, which damages its function. Obesity will cause clogging of the arteries and veins, and as a result of this we can have heart attack, and some other cardiovascular problems.  These issues are had to deal with, and they can be quite painful.

Start eating healthy.

Unhealthy food will cause damages on the digestive system. These kind of issues are painful, and you will need to consume many medicament. The digestion problems are calling when the organism cannot digest and boil the food that you are consuming.

The fast food and other unhealthy food cannot be digested very well, so the rests are kept in the organism as excess fat. This excess fat is increasing the overall weight. This overall weight can cause obesity if gets out of control, also will increase the cholesterol levels and cause many other deadly issues.

People who have problems with digestion, are prone to gaining weight.

In case you have gained weight, and you have more than you supposed to, start eating the dishes which we are going to suggest you.

If you are eating fast food, you will have problems with digestion, and bowel movements.

The bowel movements are often ruining your comfort, and very common they can be irritating. You have probably felt it, most often when you will exceed in eating.

These movements can be produced by medicament, deficit of fiber, lack of flora in the stomach, dehydration, irritable bowel syndrome etc.

Also Indigestion is an issue which will make you gain weight. It is also known under the name dyspepsia. You will have discomfort and your stomach won’t be able to work the food.

It can be caused by medicines, acid reflux, peptic ulcers, pancreatic or bile issues, etc.

You need to eliminate all the fast food and start eating healthy.

With the healthy food you will be able to function better, and move better and easier.

Many health problems which you used to have when you were fat and consumed fast food, now will be gone.

In addition to this article we are going to provide you and share with you one salad, which will regulate your stomach, digestion, solve indigestion, constipation and all other digestive problems.

You need to eat it 3 nights in a row, and you will be amazed by the results.

Thе Vitаmin Sаlаd


  • Cаbbаgе
  • Bееt
  • Cаrrоt
  • Lеmоn juicе
  • Vеgеtаblе оil
  • Sеаsоnings (оptiоnаl)

You need to grate only 3 parts cabbage, one part of beet and one part of carrot.

You can add some season herbs in case you like. Make a mixture out of all ingredients and pour some lemon juice. And add Olive oil.