In case you thought that you will visit the nail saloon every week, you have lied yourself.

In case you are one ordinary girl, who work during the week, it is quite expensive to visit this place once a week.

So, In addition to this post we are going to present you several hacks, which will make your nails look great. You will say thank you, to us, when you are going to finish the text.


1. Eliminate the possibility to split nails with the tip: Wear Gloves while you are working with water.
In case you already have experienced this, you will know for future. Put gloves when you are washing the dishes, and also washing clothes by hand.
2. Rejuvenate your cuticles during the night
In case you struggle with cuticles, this is the perfect way to eliminate the struggle.
Use this paste and you will see solution.

3. Toothpaste eliminates the nail polish stains
In case you have used red nail polish, and now you want to take it off, you can try this hack, and you will be thankful.

4. Make natural lotion for hands
The natural hand moisturizers are the best. We are providing you one recipe: aloe vera, essential oils, beeswax, and vitamin E oil which is needed for the soft skin. Mix all these ingredients and use it for your hands.

5. Create your own scrub
In case your hands are full of dry skin, you will need to use as lotion for scrub.
So in addition we are presenting you the best natural hand scrub and moisturizer.

You need to make a mixture of lemon, sugar, coconut oil and Argan oil, so you will use it for the skin.
6. Correct nail polish mistakes
We all want to eliminate the stains from nail polish around the nail. So you can take a brush and also nail polish remover and dub the brush in it. You will take off the extra nail polish.

7. Mend a broken nail
In case you have a broken nail, which you think it will be the end of it? Well, now it won’t be the end. You can use a tea bag for this problem. Take a tea bag, cut it and add a little glue. Painless solution.
8. You won’t do over-polishing with Vaseline
You just need to apply Vaseline on the corners around the nail, s you will eliminate the over polishing. It is easy to take it off.

9. Use a glass nail file for the bet nails
In case you are using glass nail file you will eliminate the possibility to separate the nail bed, so you will have good and lasting manicure.

10. Whiten Yellow Nails by yourself.
In case you are non-stop with nail polish on your fingers, you will have yellow nails. So in order to take of the yellow part you need to: mix a 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide and 2 ½ tablespoons of baking soda. With this paste apply on the nails and you will see the results.

11. Clever keeping of the nail polish bottles
Take the packages of old frames and make them as storage for nail polish. Decorate it as you like it.
12. The nail oil can be eliminated with vinegar

The polish lasts longer if it is put on a dry nail. So before the polish you can apply a little bit of vinegar on each nail, so you will cut through any oils on your finger nail.

Usе shое bоxеs оr оld picturе bоxеs tо sоrt аnd оrgаnizе yоur nаil pоlish bоttlеs. Add а drоp оf cоlоr tо а stickеr аnd plаcе it оn thе tоp оf thе bоttlе tо еаsily idеntify thе cоlоr yоu wаnt.

12. Rеmоvе Nаil Oil with Vinеgаr

13. Dry fast the nail polishers
In case you are in a rush, and you need to dry your nails fast, just fill one bowl of cold water and put your hands in it. You will see how fast they are drying.

14. Make the nail polish Matte
You can mix clear nail polish with cornstarch, so you will have matte nail polish.
15. Hair spray for drying nails
You can dry your nails if you apply hair spray on them. So the last cover of nail polish will be resistant of making balls, or damages.

16. Quickly repairing of the nail polish
In case your nails are chopped, you can fix this only with glitter nail polisher, so they will look like faded, it is a completely new manicure, but fast.

17. Fix a nail polish blonder
In case you have made a mistake, you will rub the nail polish with little remover, on the smudge, so then continue to use the nail polish.

18. Eliminate the bubbles on the nail
You need to shake the bottle before using it and roll it, so the mixture should be dissolved enough, and it won’t make bubbles.

19. Bring back to life an old nail polish
Add inside the bottle nail polish remover a little, shake the bottle and then you will have the nail polish alive again.
20. Use for watery polish
Some brushes are thin, so if you are not satisfied with the brush, take one for water colors.

21. Make your nails look like eggshell with a plastic bag
You can have this kind of look when you will crumple the plastic bag and put it in a nail polish, so you will have a sponge effects.

22. Use tape for straight lines
You will use the tape in case you want to make sharp straight line. Also, tape is good for French manicure.

23. Paint clouds on your nails.
You can make this look, if you are using contrast colors.

24. Love nails
In case you are in love, and It is February, you can make your nails with love theme. You can make this look by using a toothpick.

25. Create Gradients of color
This is great illusion, and very trendy nails. Nowadays it is known under the name Ombre.
You need to bled two or three colors. The trick is the blending; you can use a sponge for perfect blending.

26. Cut nail polish design
You can make this artistic look by strips and tape. Then, just pass with polish which you like.

27. Hot nails
In case you want to express the wild you, you can choose some neon color and polish the nails with that color.

28. Flowers design
You can make this kind of nail art, by applying dots in a form of a flower. Then,with a chopstick put them to the middle.

29. French Manicure
You can make this design with a nail tape and make the straight line. Then you can add a lot of designs.

30. Marble Nails
In case to make this design, use template nail polish and you will make this design. Remove the stains outside the nails. Apply clear polish for glow.