Many people worldwide struggle with bad breath especially in the morning.
In case you are one of them you need to continue to read.

Most of the people are saying that oral hygiene levels are very low.
Yes, the levels of oral hygiene are low, but also the unhealthy lifestyle is responsible for bad breath in the morning.

Every dentist explains that the mouth need to be wash several times during the day.

But, in case you are washing your mouth regularly, and still have bad odor in the morning, we are suggesting you some solution which will help you to eliminate the bad odor from the mouth in the morning.

First you need to find the bacteria in your mouth if it is present.

  • For this purpose, you will need gauze and scrub it on your tongue.
    In case of yellow color, then you contain sulfides in your mouth. So that is the causer of the bad odor.
  • Furthermore, you need to lick your hand, and check the hand after 10 minutes,
    If still has some kind of smell, you must fix the problem.

The best help, is coming.
The ultimate ingredient!

Make a mixture of ½ tablespoon baking soda, and water. Mix it and inside soak the toothbrush.

Now you will do your tooth washing process as you always do.
You need to repeat this twice a day.