One of the most productive organs in our body is the liver. It is cleaning the toxins through the urine and throw it as waste.

All these filtration are making the liver damaged, or toxified.
So, from time to time we need to clean our liver with the process of detoxification.

In case we are not making detoxification. The liver may get ill.
There are two types of ailment: non-alcoholic fatty liver illness and liver malady which is considered to be alcoholic.

The alcoholic one is made as the name shows from alcohol, and the other one is caused by high cholesterol.

In addition to this post we are going to present you some symptoms which are very characteristic to liver illness.

In case you struggle with ill liver, you will experience bad digesting, which will bring to fatigue, furious upheavals and a lot of discouragement sometimes.

Terrible breathing
In case you struggle with breathing, it is because the tiredness of the liver. It will slow down all other vital organs. Also, you may have bad breath odor, and that is only because of the liver full of toxins.

Unexplained weight gain
In case you have gained weight, but you are still eating the same, and nothing has changed, it is a result of the liver dysfunction from the toxins.

Uncontrolled sweating
This can be happened when the liver is full of toxins, and it is staring to sweat you, just like a sign, that he is too hot. During this process you will experience excessive sweating.

The liver has the function to create antibodies which are used to fight against the virus ad bacteria and allergies. But when the liver is not working right, it is not making antibodies. So you are becoming prone to allergies, cold etc. You may have often migraines, irritation and fogginess.

Acne are another condition which can appear as a result of not proper working of the liver.
So when the hormones are not produced well, and in equal amounts, and one predominates, the acne will appear immediately.

Fatty Liver Disease Treatment
In case you struggle with fatty liver disease, you need to consume food like ginger, dandelion, bananas, sweet potatoes, and a lot of other herbs which will help you to clean the liver naturally.

You need to consume ingredients which are antibacterial, and low fats.
In addition, we are going to present you one breakfast recipe which will help you to fight against liver toxins.

Make a mixture from banana, ginger and dandelion root. And make a smoothie so you will eliminate the liver disease side effects.

Make a combination from a teaspoon of dandelion root, 2 tablespoons of nutty spread, add Greek yogurt and banana, plus some smashed ginger, and make a smoothie. You need to drink this smoothie once or twice per day,