We all have that one pair of shoes that we simply adore.
So from too much sand, the heels must be cracked.
In this article we are going to present you that it is not a big deal.

SO forget about the discomfort that they will offer you, but think that we are going to eliminate all the problems with cracked heels.

Home treatments for cracked heels.

1. Balm and moisturizer for cracked heels
The ingredients have the ability to make your skin soft, and eliminate the cracks
urеа (Flеxitоl Hееl Bаlm)
sаlicylic аcid (Kеrаsаl)
аlphа-hydrоxy аcids (Amlаctin)
sаcchаridе isоmеrаtе
Yоu cаn find thеsе hееl bаlms оvеr thе cоuntеr аt а drug stоrе оr оnlinе.
Put the balm and massage it on the heels, and do this two or three times a day.

2. Soak and exfoliate your feet
The skin is very dry, but it is thick. So you need exfoliation. You can keep the legs in lukewarm for half an hour and with a loofah you rub the feet and You will eliminate the dead skin,
After this you can put some balm and massage.
You shouldn’t rub the feet when they are dry.

3. Liquid bandage
The liquid bandage also can be solution for cracked feet.
You can take a bandage to clean the skin In the past there were some people who were taking these medicines, and they told us that only a week has passed, and they were pain free.

4. Honey
Honey and mil are the best for cracked heels. You can soak your feet in mixture of milk and honey. It will soften your heels; you can apply some balm after that.
The honey will feed your skin and it will make it soft and silky.

5. Coconut oil
One of the most beneficial oil, is very good for cracked heels.
It will keep the place anti-bacterial, and infection free.

In addition, now we are going to present you some other different homemade remedies.

  • Vinegar: To keep your feet in
  • Olive or vegetable oil for moisturizing
  • Shea butter for moisturizing
  • Mashed bananas: moisturizing
  • Paraffin wax: moisturizing
  • Oatmeal mixed with oil: exfoliation

In case your heels are just the way that are because some kind of medical treatment, don’t do any of this.

In case you want to know something about Listerine foot soak, and the comments that we head were okay.
Mixed with warm water will help you too. You need to do this exfoliation once a day, and the most recommendable is before bedtime.

What make the heels cracked?

It makes the skin dry. So if it is a dry skin, it is made from dehydration, toxins, walking with plain foot.
-Long hours standing, walking barefoot
-Hot showers
-Low quality soaps
-Cold temperature etc.

It can also be medical causes
vitаmin dеficiеncy
fungаl infеctiоn
аtоpic dеrmаtitis
juvеnilе plаntаr dеrmаtоsis

The signs of cracked heels are:
Flaky skin Itching
Severe pain
Irritated skin
Signs of complicated cracked heels
а lоss оf fееling in yоur hееl
cеllulitis, аn infеctiоn
diаbеtic fооt ulcеr
pain, warmth, redness, swelling

You need to avoid using:
Open back shoes
Skinny heel
Sitting on your legs with crossed for too long

Things you need to do to avoid clacked heels

-Apply thick cream on your feet and put on socks
-Drink water a lot
-Take care of your feet on a daily basis.
-Wear closed shoes
-And also wear orthopedic shoes.

And all in all, it is not that big deal. You can ask from your doctor for your feet, and he will give you the best solution.