In this article we are going to present you how you can bend a fitted sheet. We all think it is like a new undiscovered science. It looks very difficult at the beginning, but once we explain to you how It is done; it is not that hard.

Many people compare folding the sheet with riding a bicycle. Once you learn it you won’t forget it. And furthermore, at the beginning both of the processes look very difficult, let’s say on first sigh. But, in fact, they are not hard to learn at all.

Next thing that we are going to tell you is how many times during the week you should wash your stuff.
If you are willing to bend your fitted sheet in your home, then this article is the right one for you.

As we already know, elastic sheet are very practical because they are staying in place while we sleep. Many people are using them, but when folding comes to question, everyone are making sad faces with their eyes and mouth.

The reason for this is the harder folding because of the elastic.

But, as everything until now, we have found a really good solution. You will fold your sheet again, and they won’t even look like they are not the same with other flat folded sheets.

In addition to this article we are going to present you one video in which is presented the complete demonstration on bending sheet.

All of us want to sleep in clean, antibacterial sheet, but not all of us know the proper way to maintain them healthy. For healthy life you must have clean clothes, sheet, hair, face, mouth. You all read well, yes, clean sheet.

You need to wash your sheet 2 times in a week. Once you wash your sheen you need to put them together in the right way, so you can keep them in your closet safe from bacteria.



– Fitted Sheet

-Even surface where you can work

1. Step: Put the elastic border so you can see it, and the upper edges inside out. With both of your hands hold the edges.

2. Step: Bend the sheet in half and gather the edges together. You suppose to make a sack. Put the sheet one hundred and eighty degrees and make a second sack on the top.

3. Step: Bend the sheet in equal parts once again, just like previous time. You should look at the corners that are gathered. Bend it again so all the edges meet each other, and put the right side over the left side.

4. Step: Put the sheet on the flat surface, so you can look at the corners. The larger piece you bend it toward the middle and make a straight corner.

You suppose to have made a rectangle at this moment. Next thing that you should do is to bend it into half, and then in thirds.

This was the last step. Congratulations! You folded a fitted sheet.

Furthermore, we can tell you that in case you struggle with wrinkles, acne etc. you should do this right after you wash and dry your sheet.

Because of the hygiene, as we already said, you need to wash your sheet 2 -3 times a week. The reason for this is to avoid showing up of acne, and other skin problems.

In fact, the skin problems on your face and body appear because of the low hygiene. Acne are clogging of the pores because of dirt.  In case you were on some vacation, and you haven’t washed your sheet, when you come back you should wash them on 90% so all the bacteria can be eliminated from them.