We all know that manicure saloon is the best option when it comes to nail manicure.

But sometimes people are focused on high level of hygiene, and they don’t want to go in saloons because the people are not that clean.

So you want to try at home, by yourself? That may be the best option.

Also, if you are searching for a good saloon you need to look for three things: safe environment, clean products and high hygiene.
Everything below that is not worth your money and time.

How to grade the environment?
So when you enter the salon, the smell and dust shouldn’t hit you in the face, because those good salons are using straight nail polish remover, so it is quite absorbing, and there should not be chemicals around the room.
They also need to have good ventilation, and each manicurist need to have their own aspirator.
Lister, if you are in a saloon, and you are exposed on a chemical for only 30 minutes per week or two weeks, it won’t do to you any harm. You are not exposed too much.
But those who work there will be sick.

The tools that they are using should be clean and sterilized
You need to feel safe and be safe. So the workers need to use sterilized tools.
Some people have bacteria like fungi, and if the tools are not sterilized, the bacteria will be transmitted immediately,
If the whole salon is formaldehyde free the place is safe.
In case you are not satisfied with that top coat, you will bring your own, and they will use yours.
In case you have your favorite shade and it is 5 free, and not 8 or 10 free, you still can use it without any doubt.

Nay easy fix?
You can take it from home. So, in case you have a set for manicure, but you can’t do it on your own, you can take the set and go to the manicure salon, and they will do you a favor. And you will be able to have clean nails.

Ask about the hygiene
Ask the employee with what they clean the UV lamps.
They need to use anti-bacterial ingredients so the tools will be safe for usage.
In case they use autoclave, then you can make your nails there because it is a good cleansing ingredients.

In case you are seeing packed tools, it doesn’t mean that they are clean.
They can pack them without cleaning.
They care for the money.
In case they are not cleaning, the rick of getting fungi is very high.

You need to take care of your health and check where are you doing your manicure.

Furthermore, in case they have sink, you need to be careful, because there are a lot of bacteria around the drain.

The best thing is if you have a soaking tub, rather than drain. Because drain will increase the risk for having bacteria.

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