Obesity can be characterized by the fat on the neck.
Beside the fact that it is something which is not comfortable for watching, fat is harmful.
You need to exercise and eat healthy in order to eliminate the fat In this area.
In addition to this post we are going to present you some exercises or hacks how to lose some fat in the area around your neck.
1 step:
You need to exercise every day from 30 to 60 minutes. You can do this on a daily basis.
You can try some jog briskly and you will also lose weight.

2 Step:
You need to place the hand over your ear of the opposite side. Now you need to touch something. The repetitions need to be 5 seconds.
3 Step :
You need to locate your hands on your forehead. Put your hand as down as possible. Again wait for 5 seconds. Repeat your exercise.
4 step: Place the hands on your neck from behind. Some of them are relaxing, you need to rest and exercise several times, each should be 5 seconds.
With this you cannot simple lose weight by not eating all. It ways your deal, you will take the consequences. It may be misunderstanding, to you that, you can choose which part you are going to make it slim.
You should never force this kind of area.



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