We all sometimes think that our face is just too big. We think that we are fat, just because of our face. Most of the people claim that it is impossible to eliminate the extra fat from the face.
Nowadays, a lot of studies and surveys are made on this topic. The results are awesome. Yes, you can lose the extra fat on your face.
You just need to continue reading, and everything will be clear to you.
The best thing is that it’s not that hard to get rid of the fat.
You need to do exercises for sagging skin, good diet, exercises on a daily basis and you are don. You will see the results in short period of time.
In addition to this article, we are presenting you the things that you need to do, in order to get rid of the fat.
1. Smile
This is the best exercise, and the best life therapy. You will enjoy and exercise during the whole day. You need to smile; this is the best exercise against saggy skin. You will make your skin more elastic, and that is how you will lose your wrinkles. You will make your facial muscles stronger, which is another great thing. We get a lot of benefits from smiling.
Lie in horizontal position, with your stomach up. Bend your knees, and put your mouth in wide open position, and do not touch your teeth. Next step is closing your mouth. While you are doing this you need to move your head up and down. Repeat the exercise 7 to 10 times a day.
2. Fish face
This is called the exercise smiling fish face. You can do in every occasion, on every place. It is not difficult.
How you are making the fish pose?
Suck your cheeks and make the fish face.
Start to smile in this position, until your cheeks and jaws hurt. Stay with this pressure for 5 minutes, then relax.
Repeat this exercise 20 times.
3. Blowing air exercise
You need to place yourself on a chair, with head stretch as back as you can.
Now in this position blow air from your mouth. You should repeat the exercise 20 times with duration of 5 seconds.
4. Chin Lifts
This will make your chin more elastic, and with permanent exercising you will eliminate the double chin.
Put your head to the back, as much as you can, until your neck hurts.
You need to move the lower over the upper, and the upper over the lower lip. Try to smile wide. Repeat this 20 times.
5. Stretch your face muscles
With help of your magical hands, you will do this exercise. Open the mouth, and with your chin try to touch the chest. With the hands take the skin and move it below the bones. Say the word ‘Ah”. Do this exercise 5 times a day.
6. Jaw release
We all want to have high cheekbones, and well-shaped jaw line. So this exercise is good for these beautiful facial structure.
You need to sit or stand, it depends on you. Make your back straight and stretch.
Close the mouth, and keep in like that while you are moving the lower jaw, up and down.
Don’t forget to breathe, do it deeply with your nose, do not open the mouth!
When you are don, put your mouth wide opened, and with your tongue push the back part of your front upper teeth.
You need to do 5 repetitions of this exercise.
7. Close the eyes

In order to activate more the cheek bones and muscles, you can close your eyes, but hard.
You will feel on your face how the muscles are activated; you will feel them. Do this exercise 10 times, on a daily basis.






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