Do you think that you can cure insomnia with a lip balm?
Lip balm with more benefits?
Yes, now it is invented a sleep lip balm, which is going to cure insomnia in less than 15 minutes.
The lip balm is homemade, and guess what, we are going to share the recipe with you.
Under no condition you should consume sleeping pills. Thy may be very harmful, and the worst thing is that they cause addiction.

You need to cure insomnia with natural remedies, because those chemicals beside that they are helping you to sleep, they have numerous side effects.

In addition, we are presenting you the recipe for homemade lip balm for curing insomnia.

– 1 Tbsp Bееswаx Pеllеts (buy it from Amason, you can’t find it)
– 1 Tbsp Jоjоbа Oil
– 2 Tbsp Orgаnic Cоcоnut Oil
– 30 Drоps Lаvеndеr Essеntiаl Oil
– 30 Drоps Ylаng-Ylаng Essеntiаl Oil
– 20 Drоps Swееt Mаrjоrаm Oil
– Mаsоn pint jаr
– Wооdеn Chоpstick оr Kеbаb Stick
– Smаll mеtаl оr glаss tins

The can where you are going to keep the lip balm, must be clean and to make vacuum. Because once it gets in touch with bacteria it will not be helpful.


You need to take a pan that you are going to boil the water. Boil the water on low temperature.
You can use Mason pint jar in order to make a mixture of the oils.
Once you mix all the oils, put the jar in the boiling water.
Next step is adding the beeswax pallets and mixture of coconut and jojoba oils.
Take one wooden stick and you will stir the oils together with the wax.
Once the mixture is over, the oils are melted, add the essential oils.

Take your metal can so you can put the liquid inside.
You need to be sure that you don’t have water inside your balm.
Let it sit for half an hour, and once is done, you can keep it in some cold places.


The essential oils will provide great smell, and the smell will help you to relax yourself, and better sleep.
Also when you are rubbing on your lip, they absorb the positive effects out of the essential oils, and help you fight insomnia.
Another usage is to apply it under your nose. Also, you can use it to apply from the balm on your feet and stomach,

Make the lip balm customized to your needs
In case you don’t need sleep balm, you can combine many other essential oil, so you will adapt it according to your needs.

In addition to this post we are going to present you the most common insomnia signs and which oil is for that purpose.
– Slееpy Essеntiаl Oils
– Widе Awаkе аt Bеdtimе–Vаlеriаn
– Rаcing Mind– Chаmоmilе
– Strеss аnd Anxiеty –Ylаng-Ylаng
– Wаking Up in thе Middlе оf thе Night –Bеrgаmоt
– Rеstlеssnеss –Swееt Mаrjоrаm

You need to apply the lip balm before every bed time, because is really helpful.
Aromatherapy was used even by the ancient people.
Also you can make a homemade lip balm for a gift.

It will be such a unique gift.