The nastiest experience that any human being can have is the bug bite.
Bugs are all around us. We cannot avoid them, no matter how hard we try.

Nowadays, there are a lot of chemicals on the market, which will help us to prevent the bugs bites, but not all of the function.
Most of the bug probably won’t make us any harm, except discomfort.
But some of them may transmit us some serious disease, for example, mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can give us the disease called malaria.
Beside this disease, some of the bugs can cause allergies, which must be treated.
In addition to this text we are going to present you which bugs bites can harm us.

When you will be able to identify the bite, you will be able to find a solution faster, without consequences.

Mosquito Bite
Immediately, right after the mosquito bite, our skin will reflect it with swollen round bump.
In most of the cases, there will be a center in the circle, which is the place where the bite was made.
If the insect has made more than one bite, you will feel intense itching. It is proved that the children have stronger reactions than the grown-ups.
The best treatment of this kind of bite is applying ice on the affected area, or rinse it with warm or hot water.
In case there are some consequences of the bite, similar to headache, fever or something else, ask a doctor for advice.

Tick Bites
Most of the ticks are located in the grass, trees and shrubs. The consequence of this bite is only a permanent mark. Right after this kind of bide, the swelling is instant, painful and red skin.

You must treat this kind of bite, otherwise you can have some serious allergies reactions. Furthermore, they can pass some disease, from animal to human, or vice versa.
You need to remove it immediately, and visit a doctor to check if something has left, and to check the infections.

Fire ant bites
The ants are colored in red and black. The bite causes huge pain, and it must be treated by a doctor immediately. Don’t wait. The appearance of the bites is recognized with swollen skin with red circles with blisters in the center.
Most of the allergies are followed by hard breathing, swelling and itching skin.

How you will know that the bee stings you? Well, by the pain. After the bite, the bee is unable to take the stinger back, and they die.
The bees are poisonous. So, the best thing that you can do is to immediately remove the sting and stop the poison spreads to your organism.
Disinfect the affected area, and consult the doctor.

Flea Bites
Flea will bite you in the lower parts of the body. It is manifested with red halo and itchy skin.
Their signs are manifested right after the bite. The flea can cause us some problems, like allergic reactions, bacteria and viruses.
You won’t do a thing if flea bites you, but in case you feel some consequences, you need to visit your doctor.

You cannot make a vivid distinction between a hornet and a wasp. But in case you have been bitten by a hornet, you will see swollen area with redness.
Ice is the most suitable solution to these bites, but in case of further complications, like fever, headache etc. consult your doctor.


Wasps bites are not that common between the people. The bit is manifested with pain, huge red spot and itchy skin, appropriated with swelling.
These bites are not harmful, but they will ruin your comfort.

Red Ant
This insect is among the tiniest ones. The pain that it causes is huge.
The bite won’t cause you any problems, except the pain, and in case you are prone to allergies.

This insect can be found in the hairy parts of the body. They are located mostly in the hair. The bites of lice cause itching, and nothing bad can happen.
Louse can be transmitted from hair to hair. Often they are found in the girl’s hair, rarely boy’s hair.
No worry about this, because nowadays there are a lot of chemicals which can be used for elimination of the louse

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are the worst. They are so disgusting! The reason they are so nasty, it is the fact that they are living in area of bacteria.
You shouldn’t suppose to mix the bed bugs with mosquito, because they are quite different.
The bite from bed bugs causes redness and swelling. As a consequence of intensive scratching, bleeding and infections appear.

Horse Fly
This is a very noticeable bite, because it has a very strong signs, right after the bite. Horse-fly is characteristic because when it gives you a bite immediately leaves you a redness, and swelling area. All this is followed by showing up blisters.
The only thing you need to do is to apply ice immediately, so the swelling will be gone in a minute.

Brown Recluse Spider
This kind of spider is not characterized by biting, but there are some rare cases.
You may not feel the bite, but after a couple of hours you will see a purple colored circle the center of the bite, and huge pain.
This bite must be treated otherwise you will get fever, infection and allergies.

Right below the last layers of skin, can be hidden mites. Itching is the most common feature that these insects are causing. Some other signs can tell you that you have mites are blisters, swallowed skin, blisters, red or gray colored lines. This situation must be treated by your doctor.

Black Widow Spider
This is a dangerous spider and highly recognizable.
The features of this spider are the black shiny back, they are plumped and their characteristic red sign on the belly.
The symptoms are realized after an hour, with swollen red skin. You must visit your doctor for this kind of bite.

Fly Bites
These are not dangerous, except if they are ill. In case of illness they can transmit you some bacteria, and cause you allergies and other health problem. If this is a case with you, see your doctor.



Identifying Bug Bites