In case you thought that to lose weight you will need to starve yourself, and to go dieting, you were wrong.

The weight loss process should be done by starving yourself and to be on a strict diet where you will be hungry all the time.

The main thing that you need to know is that, in order to lose weight, you need to combine the right food, eat it and still lose weight.
The combination of the ingredients is the main thing that you need to do right, all other will be okay.

We are all aware of the fact which are healthy ingredients and which are not healthy.
It is all known that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and the nutrients we need in our organism, while donuts, ice cream, sweets etc. are processed food and artificial sweeteners.

One girl is a living proof that she tried 116 diets during her life, each year for 10-11 new diets, but nothing helped.
But, she reached her aim, she lost the weight she wanted, but do you know how?
Without dieting.

In addition, we are presenting you the way she lost her weight.

1. She stopped counting calories and started to listen her body
This girl spends almost more than third of her life struggling with diets, and she gets tired. The last thing which was on her mind was that she will follow her body and her stomach, so what it will want she will eat.
It wasn’t matter if it was a pizza for breakfast, or donuts for lunch, she ate that.
The weirdest this that she has done in her life, ended to be useful. After certain period of time her body started to ask for salad, and for grilled meat, tomatoes etc.

She started to eat healthy.
A muffin but with spinach and onion omelet mixed.
Now she prefers salad from carrot and cucumber and cheese, but previously she was crazy for onion ring.
The miracles happen. The body will be fed up from processed and unhealthy food, and asked something far better for the organism.

2. She tuned into her emotions
She thought that it was never about the food. According to this girl, it is very good and positive to make good food choices, but you should never fall in despair whenever you are overeating.
So instead to fall in despair, she made a research why she was feeling like that, why she wanted to lose weight, from what is she trying to escape, why is she punishing herself?
She discovered that in case you have made a mistake, the losing weight can’t solve the problem.

3. She realized that life isn’t about the number on the scale
When you will be able to wake up and do not think about your meal, and what you need to cook in order to lose weight, and to go in the gym and be in sweat the whole day, you will see the beauty in life.
You will focus on the things that really fulfill you, not only the food, and especially to cook the food that you don’t like.
Once you will relax yourself, everything will come to its place.