Choosing the man for life is quite a difficult decision. You need to watch on everything, his situation, his character, behavior, salary, appearance, family, bad sides etc.
You need to find someone who will cherish you, help you, upgrade you, someone with whom you can be yourself.
It is not a bad thing if you evaluate people according to your standards.
The only thing you should never ever lower is your standard. If you think that he is exactly what you need, then there is no space for change and doubt.

You need to avoid people who possess these 15 habits.

1. Thinks from a narrow perspective
A person who is narrow-minded, cannot be a husband. This is true because the marriage is a compromise, and sometimes you need to step out of your position and try to see from other point of view. These people are not capable to do such a thing.

2. Doesn’t like animals
There are a lot of people who don’t like animals, you need to pick the one who likes. Because these people are ready to take care over a family, and share everything that they have. Those who don’t like animals are selfish people, they take care only for themselves.

3. Doesn’t abide by relationship ‘Decorum’
Each relationship has its own way of function, their own standards, principles. The one who doesn’t respect the rules can’t be the man for you.

4. Fails and breaks promises
The one who can’t promise something and he isn’t able to do something properly, can’t be a husband. For a man to be a good husband needs to be serious in his decisions. You need to find someone who is mature enough to make healthy decisions, and he won’t disappoint you.

5. Considers you less significant
You are as important as he is. You are both equal. Your wishes are on the same level with his. In case he considers you less important than himself, leave him.

6. Never doubts himself
We all have confidence, but sometimes we need to think twice if we are right. One person cannot always be right. We all make mistakes.

7. Gives too many excuses
In case he is never present in your life, and he is making some excuses, then this is a bad sign. You need to leave him, because he has more important things to do.

8. Allow clashes to continue
In every relationship there are fights and arguments. The best thing you can do is to solve them properly on civilized way.

9. Always has the last word
Even if he is guilty, he is the one who has the last word. This is a sign of unhealthy relationship. You can try to talk to him, if you cannot find mutual language, the best thing you can do is to split.

10. Lies
The worst thing that one woman can tolerate is a lie. Under no condition you should tolerate lies. One lie will never stay just as one. He will continue to lie, for small, and even worse for some big things.

11. Depends too much on you
You cannot always be the support. Sometimes, you will be the one who needs support what are you going to do then?
You need to talk to him, and make these things clear.

12. Can’t tolerate family
If the person is wise, he will never do this. We all appreciate the family moments, and this is not something that you can just pass by.

13. Smokes
If you can’t stand cigarettes and you are constantly asking him to stop, but he won’t stop, you need to react. In case he isn’t changing a thing, he will bother you with other things too.

14. Shows lack of maturity

This is a stadium which person needs to pass before the marriage. You need to marry a mature person. In case he is not mature enough, how you will start a family, when more serious obstacles will stand on your way?

15. Abuses you
Under no condition you should allow this.