One of the unique things on us are the moles.

They are all independent, without genetics, they are all ours. Some people say that the moles have their story, connected with the person’s life, wealth, health, love life, family, business etc.

  • Moles can be found in male and females. 

And they can be large or small, and furthermore, can be located in different parts of the body. But, one thing is for sure, they all have some unique meaning and message.

  • Meaning

Some of them are linked with fortune, and others with health, and third are linked with something completely different.

In addition to this article we are going to present you what each mole signifies. You will be fascinated and amazed.

1.Moles that are placed on our temple

These moles are presenting the journey possibilities. Basically, you will have the chance to travel around the world. These journeys will be for your pleasure. And furthermore, you will be very satisfied. Lucky you.

2.Moles placed right between our eyebrows

This is definitely linked with your career, only the best. You will have a lot of success full of improvements and benefits. But, also you will need to work and try hard. Because you will give your best, you will gain even better.

3.Mole placed somewhere in between the eye and eyebrow

This shows your character. If you own a mole on this place that means you are easy adjustable person. You can make conversation with everyone, you are smart and communicative person, also open-minded. You are good for managing things. The best profession for you is manager. There will be no better person to do this job, instead of you.

4.Mole positioned on the upper lip

In case you have a mole which is located on the upper lip you are very strict and everyone are listening to you. This means that you are very influential person and you are the most famous among your friends and family.

5. Mole placed on the cheekbone

If you own a mole (here) than you are an artist, you have good artistic qualities, great painter and you will be filthy rich.

6. Mole positioned on your palm

The meaning of this mole is your basic feature.This explains your character. A person who is smart. Knows how to speak with people. You are very famous among your colleagues, friends, home family. This kind of character and behavior is very common for people who are leaders. Your perfect profession should be some director.

7. Hidden mole on your feet

This definitely is the hardest to find. If I didn’t have it, I would invent it. It conveys a meaning of travelling. These people travel a lot, love food from different kitchens, and they are very popular among all of their friends and family. While they travel, because of their easy-going character, will meet a lot of people. They are connecting with people and spreading their horizon very fast.

I found mine mole. Have you found yours?

We have one propose to you. In case you want to play a game, you can see how close you are with your friend or soulmate. You can guess the locations on his or her moles based on the characteristics that the person has.

This will be fun.

As a conclusion we can say that everyone is a unique person, and the moles are just another proof for that. So, as moles are unique in their significance, we are all unique in our character and appearance.

We can even guess the meaning of the mole and the location, because people who have similar characteristic, may also have mole on the same location.