In this article we are going to present you the significance of the half-moon shape on the fingers.

That is call lunula, which is the base of the fingernail.

It is placed to cover the lowest part of the nail and above the cuticle.

It is also known to be the part of the matrix. In case you don’t know what is matrix, it represents the tissue just below the nail.

It is made of nerves, lymph and blood vessels.

Not all of the people can see the lunula on each nail.

In addition, we are going to present you the description of the appearance of healthy lunula

– The best appearance of healthy lunula is white color, makes a small half full circle on the bottom of each nail.

– The most visible is on the thumb. You can check.

– On the smaller fingers it is very hard to notice.


In case the lunae changes color it will probably mean something.

In addition, what changes the color of lunae?

  • Tetracycline therapy: is mostly the therapy used for treating acne and some kind of infection and inflammation of the skin.

This can make yellow colored lunae.

  • Diabetes: This can color the lunae in blue. In case you notice blue colored lunae, you may go and check with your doctor.
  • Excessive fluoride indigestion: In case you have increased levels of fluoride, which is mostly found in the toothpaste, will cause the lunae turns black or brown.
  • Silver poisoning: In case your lunae has the colors like blue, gray, then this may be a sign of silver poisoning.
  • Yellow nails’ syndrome: This is a situation where the organism will make your nails be thick and will slower the growth. The centered part will begin to grow ad will cover the lunae. The next stage is completely yellow coloring of the nail.

There were many surveys for this condition and what cause it

  • chronic sinusitis
  • plural effusion
  • rеcurrеnt pnеumоniа
  • lymphеdеmа
  • rhеumаtоid аrthritis
  • immunоdеficiеncy disоrdеrs
  • Tеrry’s nаils ( in this situation, the nails will be white, no lunula appeared.)


It also may be sign of :

  • diаbеtеs
  • livеr disеаsе
  • kidnеy fаilurе
  • cоngеstivе hеаrt fаilurе
  • Wilsоn’s disеаsе
  • Blue lunulae is a condition when you have too much copper in the organism.


Severe renal disease

When the nail can turn half brown and half white. It is known under the term half and half nails and it is a symptom of renal disease.

Chronic renal failure

There are a lot of people who are fighting with chronic renal disease and this treatment can and will make your nails turn brown.

Heart failure

In case that lunae reaches red color you should visit your doctor.

In case you don’ t have, better said, you can’t see the lunae it is not a problem, because they are hidden below the skin.

In some case, very rarely disappearing of lunae is because of survived trauma or:

Anemia, malnutrition, depression.


  • In case you have too large lunulae that doesn’t mean a thing. The proper size it is not determined.

But according the surveys those who are athletics are prone to larger lunae.


Lunae is not a problem. But in case you see strange colored nail, in some dark, red, yellow color, you need to visit your doctor because it may be a sign of certain disease development.

Another concern is if the hands and legs are changing their color into blue.


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