Insomnia is something which is present worldwide.
Only in America the number is increasing enormously of those who went to search for help.

Lack of sleep will make you tired, not capable for the day that follows.
So, since everyone is looking for remedy, we are going to present you some trick, and so, you will be able to sleep due to the night.


  • The place where you need to press is on Level 3.
    The Level 3 Is a zone between the toe and second finger of the feet.
    Press this zone and hold pressed for 5 seconds.
  • Next point, where you can do such thing and cure insomnia is P6.
    Search it three fingers up the wrist. It is located between the tendons,
    This is weaker point, so in case you want to cure it with this point hold for 5 minutes,
  • Furthermore, K1 is a zone where also you can press and cure insomnia. It is placed in the center of the indentation down the foot.
    Hold this point for 30 seconds and make a rest for 5 seconds, and again repeat.




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