Those who speak that the conversation for going to the toilet, how often, are not needed, those are men.

Women need to talk for things like that because you may have some problem, and you don’t know. So, when you share the problem, you may gain some kind of advice

The women are more prone to the acid reflux and heartburn, than men,
Digestive problems nowadays are very often shared.

We need to know what is going on in our organism.
In addition, we are going to resent you the three most common problems when digestion is in question.

1. Acid reflux
This is a problem which appears when the acid from the stomach for dilution of the food is going backwards to the esophagus.

Once the digestion is over the sphincter is closing tight. Not good enough closing will cause acid after eating spicy meal.

You will feel bitter taste in the throat.

Pregnant women often have some kind of acid.

Also heartburn, so you can take some kind of medication, and also you will eliminate liquids which cause acid.
In case you have chronic acid, then you need to check yourself because it is a symptom of GERD.

2. Constipation

When you have constipation the stomach bowel is not moving enough, and it is slowing down.

You are not going in the toilet as usually.

Women are more prone to have constipation. After giving a birth, and also when they are pregnant.

You will feel like the belly is moving, and the poo is dry and it hurts you.

You need to consume enough water, during the day you should drink from 2 to 2.5 liters per day.
Consume fiber rich food. Also, you need to sleep enough, for example 8 hours.

Also, a problem is unbalanced gut microbiome.

3. Bloating

Bloating is very common symptom, and it is a sign for many diseases.
It is caused by woman’s cycle, gas buildup, indigestion.
Also it can present you the bacteria in the stomach, and IBS, allergies etc.

You will feel like you are swollen, and you can’t move very well.

You can drink some kind of tea from different teas like ginger, peppermint, chamomile.

You also can exercise yoga. Twists, cobra and bending will help you to eliminate the bloating and to prevent it even better.