We all have struggled with some love problems.

When the time passes, we are going to laugh about what we were bothering with.

Most of the people are taking the break up so tragically, but don’t look on it like something that you lose. It is a lesson, so you will use it later.

To some people who can’t eliminate the pressure, they can still think on their exes.

Forgetting ex is an individual process.

We all have experienced the relationships differently. So, maybe I loved him more, and maybe he didn’t love me at all.

After the break up, we are going to forget our lover, but the time depends on the individual.

According to a study made, the needed period for getting over the ex is 18 months.

This is counted, so many people will get over for shorter period, and others may need something more.
Don’t blame yourself if you are still thinking on your ex after break up.
Many people are thinking on their exes when they break up. It is totally normal.

You spent some time with them and you probably have some good memories.
The more serious the relationship is the harder to get over your ex is.
Because if it is more serious relationship, like the one before marriage, it is a trauma to break up.

In case you broke up and now you are in another relationship you, but you are still sometimes thinking on your precious relationship.
This is normal. You don’t have to be ashamed. You may even compare the two relationships that you have, and ask yourself which one was better.

How you think about an ex will determine if your mind’s wandering is healthy or not

Silva who is a person who deals with the behavior of the people, said that is not that hard to over idealize the ex, right after the break up.
You will think that it is the end of the world, that you have lost the best person, but it is not like that.

Those are typical sentences that people are saying and thinking right after the break up.
You need to have thoughts which are healthy, and you need to continue to have healthy life with healthy thoughts, not a destructive one.

If the person who is ex, has some destructive thoughts, that will influence his life, mood, family, relationship.
This is not healthy; you won’t have good life if you think like this.

Don’t knock yourself for reminiscing sometimes
Relying on yourself often is very hard, and especially for the people who just broke up.

They are feeling so insecure, they are feeling that they are not enough.
This is a process which may take some days, weeks, moths and even years.
Don’t listen to the others that when you think on your ex will make you emotional and sad.

You can think on them, but only for comparing and to see and remember what passed. You need to move on and have more relationships, and get your life done.