Most of the people are ashamed of the gray hair.
As the ages are multiplying the white hair is multiplying too.
There are situations that not only the age influences on the appearance of this gray hair. Some young girls or boys have white hair too.

In addition to this article we are presenting you two remedies for gray hair, which are highly recommended and very effective.

People are using dye colors for covering the gray hair and even the dye is not covering them.

So try out these remedies and find your solution.

– Neem leaves
– Ber leaves
You need to transform the leaves into powder and make a paste with water. With this substance apply on the scalp, and massage a couple of minutes.
If you use it on a regular basis, your hair will be thicker, and the gray hair will not appear anymore.

  • REMEDY 2
    – Lemon juice
    – Amla powder

You need to make a mixture of lemon and the powder and put on the scalp.
For elimination of the gray hair you need to rub it, but not so hard because you don’t want to destroy your scalp.

These remedies are the best way of eliminating the gray hair, and eliminating the shame.



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