Each mother wants to breastfeed the child.

Not all mothers are lucky and ca breastfeed their babies. Many mothers don’t enjoy this pleasure.

lot of techniques are poor latching, breast engorgement, swelling of the breasts and a lot other.

In case you are learning the techniques for breastfeeding, you won’t know nothing about swelling and engorgement.

You want to use some gel and pastes for massage, but when you stop using them you will feel the pain again.

In this post we are going to present you the solution to this problem which is present worldwide.

The solution is cabbage leaves.

You can use cabbage leaves in order to eliminate the swelling.
Cold cabbage leaves will help you in alleviating breast engorgement, pain and swelling.

The technique of its usage is very simple.

First is to make the leaves cold in a fridge.
Take the leaves form the fridge and clean them.
Wash them with very cold water and make a bag in the size of your breasts. The leaves need to fit the breasts. You shouldn’t cover the nipples with the leaves.

In case the leaves are not soft, and they are too hard, make the straight with crushing them.

You need to repeat the technique several times per day, like 2-3 times.
Like this and the cold packs of milk you will be able to stop breastfeeding.
You should not only base on this method, you can do other things too.