Nowadays, cervical cancer is one of the most dangerous types, because it is very hard to be noticed, and the symptoms are appearing when it is in dangerous developed stage,

You need to take care of yourself, and listen to the signs which your body is sending to you.

The best prevention from developing cervical cancer is the Pap test.

It will prove you with the information in case you have some kind of informality in the organism and start to treat it on time, so you won’t have some kind of further complications.

Furthermore, we are presenting you the main symptoms, and the earlier symptoms of cervical cancer.

1. Irregular bleeding
Often, when people have irregular cycle they are blaming either the weather, or stress or change of the climate.

Sometimes they can be the one to be guilty, but sometimes the problem is more serious and must be treated.

Irregular bleeding can be shown even after intercourse.

During the postmenopausal, women with bleeding menstrual cycles which are not normal, can be symptom of cancer.

In addition, we are going to present you some alarming secretions

Pale secretions
Aqueous, which is light
Brown patches
Strong odor

2. Pelvic pain
In case you struggle with pelvic pain, and you feel it when you are having intercourse many be a sign of cervical cancer.
But, it may be some kind of other abnormalities in the cervix, so you need to make a checkup.

3. Symptoms of advantaged cervical cancer
Most of the women are ignoring these kinds of symptoms. You shouldn’t ignore anything that your body signals to you. You need to fight, and play with tactic, that is how you will beat each disease.

Back pain or pelvic pain
Difficulty going to the restroom due to obstruction
Constаnt fаtigue
Swelling in one or both legs
Unexplаined weight Loss

In addition to this article we are presenting you the factors which can influence and take part in developing cervical cancer:
Often change of partner for intercourse

Losing virginity at an early age
Being intimate with a partner, whose spouse already had this kind of disease

If you are smoking
Weak immune system

Consuming DES, which is a pill to eliminate premature deliveries

In case you notice some of these signs, you need to go to the doctor and make a check up.