The Latest study discovered that there is one condition which is called specific alliteration in your sleep cycle.

Among the people it is called internal clock.
The circadian rhythm is contained from sleeping and awaking procedure.

SO when we wake up in the morning, the body is eliminating cortisol, and in the evening before the sleep period, it will release melatonin, among the people this is known as sleep hormone.

For the people who have the advanced sleep phase, the organism is made to release melatonin as early as 8 pm. Which is very common for these people, is that those are waking up very early, like 4 and 5 am, so then the organism releases cortisol.

For the survey the study took 2422 participants.

The study was made, when the participants were measured the levels of melatonin and cortisol during the evening and the morning.

So advanced sleepers are having 10 minutes more sleep during the weekends from the others.

In case you thought this is 1 in a million, it is not. It is quite a common condition.