Stretching is one of the most healthy little habits ever. We do it subconsciously, after sleeping, during exam or even in the office. But having a healthy stretching habit especially in the morning, while you wait for your morning coffee to get colder. Michael Olson, a professor of sport scienceContinue Reading

Our organism is a complete unity. That means that when something is not functioning right, a manifestation of that can be something else completely! Do you know which is the biggest organ in our body? The SKIN! Thus, anything that is going on with our skin, such as difference inContinue Reading

It’s a fact that girl’s friendship is based on sharing and caring mostly. Girls want to talk about…everything! Details on the clothing, imprints on the dresses, fingernails…. the small things seem so huge when you find yourself in a “girl’s talk”. However, there are certain things that not even sisters,Continue Reading

Seems like spending real quality time together is slipping away through our fingers, whether is with our partner, family or friends. Spending time chatting on the Internet and sending SMS or calling each other is simply not the real way of communication. Before going to bed, you should “switch off”Continue Reading

We know the eyes are windows of the soul, and so the fingernails can be the window to our overall health and as it turned out, having strong fingernails is not only of benefit to your manicure, but there are some fingernail symptoms that may be a larger indication ofContinue Reading

The tongue analysis comes from the antiquated therapeutic routine with regards to Ayurveda, a framework that underpins generally wellbeing through cautious perception of the body and brain. Its introduce is that we are comprised of shifting extents of common components – air, earth, fire, water, and ether, that make theContinue Reading