A lot of women nowadays are not wearing bras while in home.

But in fact, we suppose to take off our bras because they are harming us.
The bras are one of the tools which are for the women to keep their breasts in place.

  • The October 13th is international no bras day. This is the day when the women are not wearing bras in order to increase the awareness of the breast cancer worldwide.

Many people are regarding bras as apparatus for emancipation and others take them as ludicrous invention.

  • One person, Jean Denis Rouillion, after several years of study for bras, he finds out the effect of the bras. This study was conducted in a Hospital in the University of Besacon.
    The survey was made on 330 women, from 18 to 35 years.

The results find out that wearing bras from an early age won’t help you to improve your back and chest. In fact they will bring you no good. 

  • From different aspects the bra will gain us with no benefits.
    The results showed that with the bra the breasts will became saggier.
    In case you stop wearing bra the breasts can lift their selves for 7 millimeters.

So women, this is your excuse for not wearing bras. You will have increased bras for 7 millimeters and you need to have more thicken bras.

Beside the fact that you are exercising, take off your bra and walk abound like that.

  • In case with younger women, who are not wearing bra have larger production of collagen and elasticity which will make your breasts lifted and more developed.
  • The experts recommend not to wear bras because you will improve elasticity, but the tone and the shape of the breasts will be better, and more attractive.

This team, who conducted the research, explains that these women, on whom the survey was made, are took from different parts of the world, but they are not 100 per cent representation of all the women population in the whole world.

The professor claims that the females need to be aware of the impact of the bras. And it is not that important whether the results are positive or negative.

  • So, his study should be only a reminder that more others universities and experts should examine the affection of the bra over the breasts.
  • Because this was only a small examination, and a small research, the results couldn’t be published. so, the literature couldn’t find a page in its books to publish and share the results of this, very useful , survey.

The bra, can and will change the circulation and will smaller the size of the breasts.

We all need to think about removing the bras from our life, beside the fact that they are not comfortable, they also harm you.

As one requirement from you, the readers! Yes, the reader, you. If you are able to raise awareness of the breast cancer do that, and please, influence on the women not to wear bras. They shouldn’t be ashamed because they are female. You are emancipated enough, and brash shouldn’t serve as a tool for it.

If you want to be part of this social media raising awareness, there are a lot of groups.

Also you can join some other organisation and share motivation to your society.

Another thing that you can do is to share this article, and help many people to see the bad effect of the bras, and the old fashion men to realize what are they judging in fact.

No bras for healthy life! Bras are not tool for emancipation! Eliminate this epithet from this word, and all the people will live in peace.