The Latest surveys have showed that obesity can be divided of this special types.

In case you know in which group you belong, you will eliminate the excess pounds easier.

In addition, we are going to tell you which are the six types of obesity.

They are divided by the reason how they are caused.

Obesity caused by overeating
This is one of the worst obesity, because it will damage all the organs in the body. By excessive eating you are consuming a lot of things, and you will raise the levels of cholesterol, sugar etc.
In case you want to lose weight, you must have physical activity more than half an hour.

Obesity caused by stress
This obesity is terrible. Because when people are stress, anxious, or in depression they eat. If people whenever they are nervous consume deserts, and they are stressed a lot, they will get the disease of the 21 c called obesity.
The only thing you need to do is to control yourself. Don’t stress about everything.

Obesity caused by gluten
This can happen basically in two periods of time, during the puberty or in menopause. Another condition is hormonal imbalance. For this purpose, you need to quit smoking and alcohol, long sitting and you need to exercise.
Furthermore, you need to lead healthy life and consume healthy dishes.

Obesity caused by slow metabolism
Each organism is different. Some people struggle with bloating, others with constipation, third have problem with making a stuck out of the waste and fat.
People who have devoured liquor or are struggling breathing.
You need to quit bad habits, and make new, healthier ones. Start eating fruits and veggies and eat homemade dishes.

Obesity caused by bad circulation
Another one in the row is this, hereditarily reached obesity. This is happening during pregnancy and those who are prone to swelling legs. The only thing you need to do is not to be that passive. You need to be active t exercise, and nothing of this will happen.

Obesity caused by being passive
The lack of physical dynamic in your life will lead definitely to obesity. You need to exercise and to have some kind of physical activity.