Vaseline Is the product that is also known under the name of petroleum jelly, It is present in each cream, lotion, deodorant and cleanser.

We mostly use this product on our lips, to treat the cracked lips, for elbows, and other things when we have a skin problem.

Many women are using Vaseline to apply on their breasts, and it will increase the side.

You may be in doubt, but there are many surveys which proved this true.

You won’t make a mistake if you try it. There is no side effect from petroleum jelly, so why you don’t want to try?

You can apply petroleum jelly on the breasts and pour a dub of toothpaste on the nipple.

You need to use every day before bedtime, and you will be surprised by the results, and its effect.

In addition to this article we are presenting you the

Benefits of using Vaseline.

1. Makes the eyelashes grow
You need to keep your eyelashes hydrated and put on them during the night. You will see the results in very short period of time.

2. Softens dry and cracked elbows
In case you struggle with dry and cracked elbows, you need to use Vaseline. Just need to keep them with one layer of Vaseline during the day and night, and you will see results.

3. Makes the lips luscious
The cold wind in winter will make the lips cracked, dry, and disgusting. You need to use Vaseline so you will keep them hydrated, and prevent cracking.

4. Treats dry cuticles
Whenever you struggle with dead skin, or cuticles you can apply Vaseline, and they will me softened and will disappear.

5. Helps the fragrance last longer
You can apply Vaseline before applying perfume, and you will keep the perfume longer.

6. Lipstick smudges
You can apply some petroleum jelly on the teeth, so when you will have some lipstick on your lips, they won’t transmit to your teeth.

7. Softens the skin
You can apply on the skin which is dry. On the zone of your face, neck arms etc. So you will have nice soft skin.

8. Helps remove make up
You can take off your makeup, with Vaseline. Apply on your face, or on the material with which you will take the makeup off, and do the usual process.

9. Eye shadow boost
You can apply petroleum jelly on the eye shadow so you will have the wet effect, which is nowadays very popular and very attractive.

10. Relieves eyebrow plucking
You can use Vaseline to make their form.

11. Prevents hair dye to make stains on the forehead.
Before you do the hair dye, apply Vaseline of the edges on the face, when it touches the hair. The dye won’t leave stains.

12. Makes the accessories like new
Apply some Vaseline on the old shoes, they will glow like you have bought them this morning.

13. Removes makeups stains,
In case you dirty your t-shirt you can apply on the stain a little bit of petroleum jelly, and the stain will be eliminated.

14. Treats split ends
You can apply on the ending of your hair, a little bit of Vaseline. The split ends will be together, and it will prevent them from moving forward.

15. Eliminates the spray-tan streaks
You can apply some petroleum jelly on the back side of your knees, hands and ankles so you will eliminate the possibility of spray-tan streaks.

16. Exfoliating body wash
You can make a mixture out of Vaseline and sea salt, so you can take off all the dead skin from your body.

17. Soothes your skin after shaving
You can apply this product as after shaving cream, so it will eliminate the irritation from the razor.

18. Lubricates ear lobes
Before placing the earrings, you can put some Vaseline, there won’t be any irritations.

19. Helps you with opening of the nail polish
In case you can’t open your nail polish, you can apply some Vaseline and it will help you for easily solving the problem.