In case you didn’t know, Listerine is a product which originates from surgical antiseptic in 1879.

On the market, nowadays it is used as bad breath eliminator. It is used for eliminating the bad breath odor since 1970.

In addition to this post we are going to present you for what else you can use

Listerine, and it will be helpful.

1. Rub it on your armpits
You can do his, and I is very helpful. In case you don’t have deodorant and you need o go out. This is the perfect time to use this product as deodorant.
Apply on a material and pass with it under your armpits.

2. Soak your feet in
You can eliminate toenail fungus.
Because this product is antibacterial, it will eliminate the fungus which is bacteria.
So your toes will be nice again.

3. Pour it down the toilet
SO, if it is anti-bacterial, it can clean very well. You can spill some Listerine in your toilet, so it will clean the toilet and will provide you very pleasant smell of clean toilet.

4. Dab on your itches
You can apply Listerine on the itchy skin which you’ve got from the bug bite.
It will eliminate the pain and will calm the skin, so it won’t be unbearable itchy anymore.

5. Wet hair with it
Listerine is also used against dandruff.
You need to apply Listerine on the scalp, and massage a couple of minutes.

You need to wrap your hair in a towel, leave it to act and sit a little bit, and then rinse it.
The dandruff will be eliminated.